Saturday, January 22, 2011

Worm Wars

This morning while I was walking Kersey after her breakfast I noticed worms in her poop.  Aargh.  First the horses, now the dogs.  Of course, its only logical given the dogs' habit of snacking in the compost pile - which is full of parasite tinged manure.  So, instead of going on a trail ride this afternoon I was down the mountain getting wormer.  It's the same stuff we use for the horses, just mixed with water so it's not so pasty.  Sedona took her dose in a very lady-like manner.  Kersey tried to eat the syringe.  If you are a lab, everything is a very tasty meatball.

Kersey is still on stall rest.  Fortunately, we had another warm day so I spent all morning outside with her on the veranda.
This was my view from the couch.  Not too shabby.

I read a whole stack of magazines while sitting here.

The weather this winter has been strange.  It rained an unbelievable amount in December and was bitter cold.  This month, we have had hardly any rain at all and a lot of sunshine.  With daytime highs around 60 and the lows in the mid-30s, it feels more like spring.  Brett has already started mowing the grass which is getting thick and tall.

Since I felt like a slug today, I made a fairly ambitious dinner.  I think I was born with a spring in my butt.  I just don't do well with sitting around doing nothing.  I roasted some beets and tossed them with a honey lime dressing for our salad.   The main course is roasted chicken with cognac (and a very fancy french name).  Here is my mise en place:
onions, carrots, potatoes, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, cognac

First, the veggies were tossed with olive oil

Then I added the chicken and the cognac.

The whole thing was covered and went into the oven (very hot) for an hour.  When it came out, I boiled down the sauce a little to thicken it.  It was quite yummy.  The recipe said that it serves 4 but only the wings were left.   And the beet salad was to die for.  Brett pretty much inhaled his. 

Tomorrow afternoon Kersey can get dirty and play with Sedona.  Yes!!


  1. Ahhhhh....I'm so jealous!!! 60's, really? Mowing the grass, really???

  2. The only thing I'm not jealous of are the worms.

  3. Good luck with the worms. Love the "Labs and meatballs" comment.

    Your view from your veranda is magnificent. And your temperatures! Absolutely perfect and make me green with envy.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog...I recently discovered your blog and love it! I wanted to give you the Stylish Blogger Award but I know you already won it - Congratulations! I keep giving it to blogs who already won!

  4. I think I want to come live with you. Beautiful veranda, wonderful food.... you've got it all! I don't even mind worms that much!

  5. Your veranda is like a little paradise....with a great view, too. Your dinner looked divine...I could almost smell the aroma of it!

  6. I know I keep saying this but your place is so beautiful! All the food you post looks so yummy, too!

    Your post also reminds me that I think my dogs need a worming, too. I saw Sophie doing that carpet/butt dragging thing. I repremanded her but I have a feeling they do a lot of that when I'm not home. YUCK!!!!


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