Thursday, January 13, 2011

Small Stones #7

Early morning sun casts a long, thin,
 sweeping shadow
of a smoothly soaring
blue heron.

I send a silent warning
to the graceful, gliding goldfish -
Hide!  Hide!


  1. The Blue Heron is one of my favorite birds. This looks fun. Is there a form they follow for the Small Stones? Do you write as many as you want to each month?

  2. Linda - click on the sidebar icon for a river of small stones. There isn't a form, really. It's an exercise in noticing something and then trying to capture it's essence. You are encouraged to post/write every day for the month of January. There are directions on the site. I'm having fun with it-

  3. Thanks, Annette, I made a stone for the day. I really enjoyed it. Getting ready to go see our kids and grandaughter in Texas tomorrow, so I'll be a rolling stone. ;)

  4. I am enjoying these posts very much. Merci!


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