Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Training Log: Schooling

Today is sunny with enough wind to make you turn up the collar on your jacket.  The sky is unusual for us with high clouds instead of our normal clear blue.

Brett's training flag was really whipping around    


 Jackson was very good despite the breeze.  We have a lesson on Friday so I wanted to confirm everything we have been working on since the last one.  He was light off of my leg and willing to listen.  The trot work, overall, was good.  There were a few times where he resisted bending but he came back quickly.  I'm learning to move him off my right leg, quickly, while leaving the door open with the reins.  He ends up doing a leg yield which brings him back onto the aids.  By the time he is consistently on the aids, our leg yields are going to be awesome.  I was particularly happy with our canter work.  I kept the outside rein steady to give him confidence and he relaxed into a very nice balanced canter, with jump and carrying himself correctly -- both directions.  I praised him to death and his ears went happy happy happy.  ...and he tried to go deeper.  He's such a funny horse.  I could feel him saying "You liked that?  Well, watch this!"  

On my way up the house, I found a daffodil bud.  Funny how that can make me feel so happy inside.  

The apricot tree has buds that are ready to burst as well.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day Annette. I love it when horses respond to praise by showing off :)

    Jealous of your signs of spring!


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