Monday, January 17, 2011

Hay Wars

Brett and I disagree on the easiest way to load hay from the shed into the hay cart.  I like the bales to be laying down on their side so I can easily peel off the flakes.  He likes the bales standing on end and lifting the flakes from the top.  I whine and complain but I suck it up because 90% of the time he is the one loading the cart.  This morning I was on my own for barn chores and I had to reload the cart.  When I opened the shed, there was a bale laying down waiting for me.  It made me ridiculously happy.
I spent most of the afternoon with a good friend/barn buddy.  I met her when I had the Friesian and we used the same trainer.  We went to lunch today and then to the tack store.   So, it was an expensive lunch date even though it was her turn to buy so the lunch part was free.  I can walk into a mall and back out again with no purchases.  Piece of cake.  I can't walk into a tack store without spending $100.
A few days ago, Kalvin's owner came up.  Her mother came along and took this picture.  I love the way it captures their bond.
Katy and Kalvin
And, lastly, Brett blogged about his lesson.  It's quite amusing: Pop's Compost


  1. Annette, What a pretty photo at the top of your blog - beautiful setting! (Thanks for visiting my blog as well!)

  2. Hmmmm. I usually remove flakes from bales that are lying down, but I suppose you don't have to bend over as much if they are standing on end. I just don't like having to climb onto the haystack to reach a bale in the middle, so I'll pull those down and stand them on end. I can see how it would make you happy to have a bale on its side. It sounds like another form of the toilet seat argument (leave it up or down) or the toilet paper argument (over or under)...

  3. I like the sideways bales too! That's a lovely picture of Katy and Kalvin :)

    If you're not too busy fixing something tasty for dinner, stop by my blog for an award!

  4. I always have the bales sideways. ;)


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