Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The chiropractor was just here.  I mentioned to her a sore spot I noticed on Jackson's back after riding this morning.  She confirmed he was very sore there and suspected that he had been kicked or bonked.  But then, hmmm, he had a mirror image spot of soreness on the other side and two more spots up by the withers.  So, it's the saddle.  I had the saddle fit to him when I bought it but that was when we were starting on this dressage journey.  Since then, he has put on weight and muscle and changed enough that the saddle no longer fits.  I knew this day would come and I purposely bought a used, not super expensive, saddle when we started.  But still.  $$$$$  sigh.  And, of course, I am grounded until I get a saddle that fits.  And I know it's the correct diagnosis.  When the chiropractor (also a vet) told me, my brain went "bingo!" not "...maybe."  He's been cinchy the past few weeks and generally not happy about the saddle.  So, I have a call in to my trainer asking for saddle fitter recommendations.  I had a great one with my previous horse but she had the nerve to relocate. 

I need a drink!


  1. I love it when your brain goes "bingo" and not "maybe". I'm hooking up the trailer now to take Jackson saddle hunting.

  2. At least you discovered the issue quickly and your horse didn't become lame from it. Good for you. Doug (my husband) and I dipped into savings last spring to have saddles professionally fitted to our horses and bought good quality saddles. We kept buying the wrong thing, so although expensive we plan to have them for a very long time. It's a good investment. I was amazed at how Rogo's strides were longer immediatly when he had a properly fitting saddle.
    Hope you find a good fit quickly, so you don't have to give up riding for long. Keep us posted.

  3. Ugh--but at least your hubby is trailering up and ready to go saddle-hunting with you! Good luck on that!

  4. You are one lucky woman to have a husband who is johnny-on-the-spot with this saddle issue. We had a saddle fitter come to look a Bay last year when he was having problems. Turns out it wasn't the saddle. I need to have Boo's saddle fit checked out this year. There are a couple of suspicious spots at the back of the saddle over the loins. He's a stoic guy and I'm not sure there is a problem, but better safe than sorry.

  5. Saddles that fit properly allow horses to breath a sigh of relief. We have had saddle fitting clinics here for over 10 years, presented by Ann Forrest (from Scotland, now located in Florida). Equestrian Imports.

    Anyway,what do you ride with now? The saddle that fit many of the horses best was the Albion SL Dressage Saddle. I ended up getting one and it is like riding in butter on a very happy horse.

    So many people out there don't even know if their saddles fit. It's like asking someone with a size 8 shoe being forced to walk and run in a size 5. So much damage can be done. The horses try to tell them.

    I'm so glad you were able to figure it out quickly. Happy hunting. Ann would be a great resource if you have questions. Just google her.

  6. That's never pleasant news. Glad you were able to figure it out though. Is bareback an option in the mean time?


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