Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Start for 2011

Last night, after yoga class, Brett and I went to a New Year's Eve party at the home of one of our neighbors.  We don't normally do anything on New Year's Eve -- I make dinner, something festive, and then we are asleep well before midnight.  We didn't expect to stay at the party more than an hour, and certainly expected to be home well before midnight.  But there we were blowing noise horns, wearing funny hats, and hugging the people who share this equestrian community with us.  It was so not us.  But so much fun.

This morning we weren't exactly up at the crack of dawn.  We finally dragged ourselves out of bed and down to the barn.  Actually, Brett went down to the barn.  I sat on the couch in my pajamas with a cup of coffee (the first of many) and watched the Rose Parade.  We spent the rest of the morning nursing the after effects of too much champagne last night.

This afternoon I tried to fix the horse trough/pond.  It's an elaborate set up with a smaller trough balanced above a big one.  The smaller trough acts like a waterfall to keep the water circulating.  I have a filter and UV clarifier attached so the water circulates, the germs get killed and the water stays clear and tasty.  Water has been pouring out of the overflow on the filter.  I did the usual rinse of the filter yesterday but that didn't work for long.  So today I took apart the filter and flushed the whole thing.  My fingers were frozen -- there are still puddles of ice everywhere -- and the stupid thing is STILL leaking.  I'm going to turn it off and wait for warmer weather to muster my next attack.  We don't have snow at the moment, this is an old picture, but it gives an idea of the setup:

After that, we rode Flash and Jackson.  The arena is still soggy at one end but 3/4 of it is in good shape.  We started out going around the block on a loose rein.  Jackson was a bit sluggish and he's put on weight over the past few weeks; watching the rain and eating.  And eating.  Once we got into the arena, I decided to incorporate canter work early in the hopes that it would wake him up a bit.  Bingo!  He was awake and happy.  We worked primarily on re-establishing the basics of bend, consistent contact and forward energy.  We also worked on our trot-canter transitions.  Jackson thought they were trot-gallop transitions.  He's so silly.  And fun.  Oh, and my boot zipper stayed up during all the canter work.  I know it's because the yoga has helped open my hips so my leg lays more correctly on Jackson's side.  Two classes and results already.  Woo-hoo!


  1. I love the header shot and would give anything to ride on a beach like that. Your water trough set up is very clever...sorry your fingers had to get frozen working on it. Sounds like you had a great time last night! Is it always that cold out there?

  2. Your party sounds like lots of fun - it's always the best when you aren't expecting to be a partier :)
    Glad your ride went so well. Jackson sounds like so much fun and such a great horse.

  3. Lori: It does get cold up here, unlike most of S. Calif. We are at about 3200 feet elevation so we get regular frost and a dusting of snow most winters. This past December has been particularly cold with lows this past week in the low 20s. Brett is the clever one - he designed the water set up.

  4. Happy New Year! I would so love to live in an equestrian community. Unfortunately, with the value of homes falling we won't be going anywhere for quite some time. My daughter has been doing Bikrim yoga (the hot yoga) and loves it. I was thinking about giving it a try. Sounds like it would be fun and beneficial.

  5. Hi Anette! You have got a lovely blog :-)

  6. I was in the habit of doing pilates for a while-- a habit I need to get back into--but I had thought it would help me with my riding. I'm glad to hear of someone else doing core exercises in relation to riding. I need the motivation! :)

    Your trough set-up is fascinating! I would love to hear more about it, how you have it set up or if there is a diagram, etc. that you have handy. I keep feeder fish in mine but I still end up changing the water all the time, only to find that a couple of hours after I've cleaned it they've pooped in it again! It's an endless battle.


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