Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quiet Sunday

We didn't ride today.  The horses were tired from our lessons yesterday.  They took long naps in the sun.

Kalvin was the only perky one.

I did a repeat fecal count on Jackson and all the other equines as well.  Jackson still has some roundworms but much much fewer.  All the others had varying loads as well.  Brett had to run down to the feed store to find a replacement muck cart so I asked him to pick up wormer for Flash, Jackson and the donkeys.  Kalvin will be wormed tomorrow when his owner comes up.  Jackson's manure was loose again this morning.  I may have our vet do a ulcer check when she is up Wednesday for vaccinations.

I was going to make an ambitious dinner tonight.  Brett ended up going into work so he won't be home for dinner.  Camille said she'd rather have something simple and use the time to take the puppy on a hike.  I had already made baguettes (with my baguette pan) this morning so we'll have that and whatever else I can scrounge up.

We took Kersey for a long walk on the loop trail which is the trail Brett and I take the horses on usually.  

Camille had to kind of drag Kersey along at first.  There were so many interesting smells for that puppy nose.

We call this part of the trail the enchanted forest.  In the spring, the grass grows knee high on the horses.

Kersey went for a swim in the creek.

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