Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tonight we are in Morro Bay after dropping off my son and one of his friends back at the dorms in SLO.  After they tumbled out of the truck with their bags of belongings, we drove to Morro Bay so Brett could get taffy.  There is a little candy shop there that has been making salt water taffy for 50 years.  It's a sentimental place for Brett and the taffy is darned good too.  We got there just as the sun was starting to set and the light on the rock was amazing.  Of course, by the time we found a place to stop and dug out the camera, the lighting had changed.  Drat!  Here's what I got:


  1. Hello Annette, You have a wonderful passion and I enjoyed your word for the new year.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, too. Bonne Année!

  2. Glad you can join us in the river Annette! If you label your posts with 'aros' they'll appear on the River ( and I've added you to the blogroll too. If you'd like email updates do email me at (and tell me which is your blog). Happy New Year! Warmest, Fiona


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