Friday, January 14, 2011

Fuel Delivery

This morning we had wood delivered.  One of the drawbacks of living in a rural community is that we use propane instead of natural gas.  Propane is unbelievably expensive.  So, for the most part, we heat the house with wood stoves.  In the winter months, we use 1/2 a cord of wood per month which is about what we have room to store in the garage.  We buy avocado wood.  The area south of us, towards San Diego, is full of avocado orchards so it is plentiful.  We also like the way it burns.  It is almost as easy to start as pine, but it burns much slower.  Oak is nice once you get a fire going but it is a pain in the neck to start.  And it's very expensive.  The wood is delivered in the back of a big truck and dumped in the garage.  It starts out in a pile like this:

Brett's already starting to stack while I, um, take pictures.
Kersey stole a piece of wood but Sedona took it from her.  Maybe avocado wood tastes good too.

Kersy found another piece.  I think Sedona has plans for it.

Here's the finished product:

We have a wood stove in the great room.  We had the fireplace converted so we could heat the front part of the house more efficiently.
We also have a smaller wood stove in our bedroom.  We don't use it much though.  It is small but mighty and heats up the bedroom too much.  Then the dogs pant all night. 

We rode this afternoon but it was, for the most part, frustrating.  Jackson was trying but between the weather and dodging my riding partner, it was hard to focus.  We have a strange weather system that is coming in from Arizona and New Mexico.  It's sunny with strong, gusty winds.  Tomorrow we have a lesson which means hauling the horses straight into the wind.  We're not looking forward to that.  But I am looking forward to the lesson!

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