Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sedona Has a Hard Day

This morning Kersey went to the vet hospital to be spayed.  Sedona was beside herself.  She didn't understand where Kersey went and her "job" is to take care of that puppy.  She gave herself that job (being a shephard/kuvasz mix) and she takes it seriously. She felt that she had failed somehow.  She refused to eat her breakfast.  She spent the morning in the backyard, with her head on her paws, depressed.  After lunch, I went outside to do some gardening and took her with me with the hopes of cheering her up.

The first thing she did was head to Brett's truck and thoroughly sniff out the back end.   Kersey left this morning in her crate, in the bed of the truck.  I don't know how Sedona knew.

She found a corner in the garden and laid there, watching me.

Sedona disappeared for awhile and I could see the tip of her tail going this way and that; looking for Kersey in all their usual haunts.  She came over to me at one point and as I bent down to pet her, I got a big whiff of her doggy breath which had the distinct odor of manure.  The compost pile is one of their favorite places so I guess she was snacking while she was looking.

When I finished with the gardening, Sedona followed me back into her yard and finally ate her breakfast.  We brought Kersey home late this afternoon.  She is pretty tired from her surgery and is enjoying the benefits of the pain medication.  In other words, she is sleeping.  Once in awhile she opens her eyes and thumps her tail.  But mostly she sleeps.  I brought Sedona in as soon as we got Kersey settled and she was thrilled.  They sniffed each other and then Kersey crashed on her side, sound asleep.  Sedona stretched out on her own bed with a watchful eye trained on the puppy. 

Last night we had a not so healthy dinner: pork roasted in the crock pot with mashed sweet potatoes and mango salsa.

So tonight in an effort to balance that out, I made a big salade Niçoise.  Brett ate most of the ingredients.  I can't get him to eat tomatoes but he loaded up on green beans so that balances out, right?


  1. what about the apple/boysenberry pie you bought? doesn't that tip the scales ever so slightly?

  2. OMG! NOW I'M hungry! Thanks for coming to my blog, yours is fab, and going on my wall because we BOTH have Jackson's! So, we both have the best horses in the world!:) Next weekend is another ACHTA camping trip, AND it's my 40th b-day too, WOO-HOO! FUN,FUN,FUN!!!!

  3. That looks yummy! I read your last small stone--and apparently your vet delivered Kersey back to you? Wow! Hope it all went well.

  4. Come on, slow cooker pork roast with sweet potato and mango salsa isn't unhealthy :) It looks amazing.

  5. Glad the puppy was okay, and it sounds like Sedona and everyone is happy to have her back. The dinner looks amazing.


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