Sunday, April 23, 2017

Re-evaluating Lucy

When Lucy had her hocks injected in February, her vet said to bring her back in 30 days if I noticed a lack of impulsion.  Last time Lucy had injections, we did one hock and one stifle.  This time, she needed both hocks done and we felt doing the stifles at the same time would be a bit much.

I've been working Lucy in the Pessoa during the week and riding on the weekend.  My goal has been 3 Pessoa sessions and two riding.  Of course, with all the rain (and snow) we had in March and early April, we rarely achieved that goal.  So, we've been working when we can and making good progress.

Except that Lucy is still dragging her hind toes.  And she still looks a bit uncomfortable at canter, particularly to the left.  We had a new farrier come last week (more on that in another post), and I was hopeful that after he trimmed her rather long toes, she wouldn't drag them anymore.  No such luck.

She has an appointment on Tuesday for a re-check.  I'm anticipating that at least one stifle will be injected.

Other than that, she has been just wonderful.  She is getting her muscle back and her coat shines in the sun.  This morning when Brett and I rode, she was stellar.  We rode in the dressage court and she was completely relaxed (except for one small slide sideways when Kersey jumped in the stream).  She was also happy, forward and energetic.  We worked for 20 minutes at trot -- stretching, leg yield, shoulder in -- and she stayed forward the whole time.

Lucy, you're the best!
 Aw, shucks.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Kersey and Rosie

We celebrated Easter with family and friends.  The friends brought their dog, Rosie, along.  She's a nine month old labradoodle who lives in the suburbs.

She couldn't figure out the horses.

And the donkeys weren't too impressed with her.  Imagine lots of barking and braying going on.

Her favorite, though, was playing in the water.

Kersey showed her all the best places in the stream.

Rosie went from fluff ball to... soggy.