Sunday, September 17, 2017


Flash and Tex have become very good friends.

They are always together in the pasture; often sharing the same bin of hay.

Tex, in particular, is very bonded to Flash.  When Brett rides Flash or, like yesterday, takes Flash to a clinic for the day, Tex is completely undone.  He calls and paces the fence line, whinnying to every truck and trailer that drives down the road.

Flash is a very independent horse.  He likes Tex but he doesn't need Tex in the same way that Tex needs him.  When I take Tex out of the pasture, he hardly looks up.  But, Flash does share food and space with Tex in a way that he doesn't do with other horses.

Its good to have close friends.  I know that I've needed my friends and family this past summer, more than usual.  I suppose I'm like Flash in regard to my friends.  I am okay by myself, but I love my time with them as well.  And, as I went through all the testing and biopsies and surgeries that go with ruling out cancer, I was very thankful for my friends and family.  I dodged that bullet, thank goodness.  A big thank you to those of you who knew, and who called, sent messages and had my back.  It was a scary time for me and Brett.  Moving forward now.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Mane Focus

Tex has a long, thick mane of burnished copper with burgundy and gold intertwined.  Gorgeous.  Unfortunately, it is also very prone to dreadlocks.  I've tried keeping it braided but even the braids twisted and turned and snarled together.

Tex isn't sure he likes being groomed.  Initially, he was sure he hated it.  From there he advanced to suspicious and then to resigned tolerance of the whole thing.  He has his own set of soft brushes, and I use grooming time to spoil my horses; pausing at their favorite spots for a massage.  Tex didn't let me know which spots he enjoyed having groomed for a long time.  But I watched him closely, and he let slip some pleasurable lip twitches and I remembered the spots.

Everyday, I go into the pasture with a brush and some ShowSheen.  I spray his mane with the de-tangler while he munches a cookie.  I scratch his favorite spots and then brush out the mane.  There are a few more cookies involved.

I've also filled a bucket with treats and set it by the tie rail.  Tex stands quietly, munching the apples and sucking down the mush, while I give him a thorough grooming.  He used to plant his feet and pull back when I brought him to the tie rail.  Not anymore.  He's continuing to learn and trust.