Saturday, January 29, 2011

Girls Day

This morning Brett and Flash left early for mounted patrol training.  After mucking, feeding and doing Jackson's fecal count (day 7 of 8, almost done), I headed down the mountain to get Camille.  We went to yoga class, then lunch, and then got pedicures.  We tried a new nail place close to where we had lunch.  They had a big display of the different designs you could get on your nails.  Camille picked a plaid design and the colors she wanted.  Unfortunately, they didn't have any clue on how do do it.  There was this gaggle of manicurists surrounding her, discussing and trying to decide how to tackle the problem of plaid.  She has had plaid before and told me it usually takes about five extra minutes. took 45.  Sheesh!  No truth in advertising, I guess.

It's been below freezing the last few nights and a cold front is moving in so I've been putting Jackson's medium weight blanket on at night.  He's a wuss sensitive to the cold so I brought the medium down with me so he could see it when I took off his sheet.  Otherwise he would have pitched a fit complained.  He sniffed the heavy blanket, sighed, and let me switch them with no comment. 

Dinner tonight was comfort food.  Pork chops, butternut squash and popovers.  Oh, and wine.  Of course.  My parents live on the Central Coast of California (wine country) and my dad makes wine.  Or, he did until recently.  One of the partners died and the other moved away so they have pretty much stopped.  But, we still have a couple cases in the wine cellar -- good stuff too.  Tonight we finished a bottle of 2005 cabernet that we had opened last night. 

Fried pork chops

Roasted butternut squash with brown sugar and butter



  1. I just might have to roast some butternut squash. Love the meal you had for dinner!

  2. I have some butternut squash in the frig right now. I'll be roasting it tonight!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I went vegetarian a couple years ago, but I can't lie, that looks delishus! :)


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