Monday, January 24, 2011

Small Stones #16 & 17

#16: At the Theatre
Two couples arrive together.
The husbands dutifully shuffle to their seats
guided by sprightly wives
with hair silver bobbed and curly white.
The men remind me of my great uncle on the farm -
Plaid shirt and crumpled polo shirt;
wispy white hair, balding;
both with sloppy suspenders
pulling up their trousers to mid-back
and exposing ankles.
Outside, milling around the lobby
boys in slouchy shirts mingle with
girls in skinny jeans and black boots.
Clad in middle aged neat attire
we take our seats in the rows 
between slouchy and suspenders.

#17: On the Train
Small hands rest on my knees.
I look up from polishing a small stone
to see a child in pink sweats with sparkle and bling.
She gazes up at me in welcome
then turns slowly to her mother in confusion.
I wonder who she was expecting.

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  1. An observant commentary!.....But good, and has a lilt.


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