Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mud and Tears

Brett and I waited until this afternoon to ride.  It was still icy, slushy, muddy when we fed this morning.  We were able to take blankets off late morning and everyone had a good roll by lunchtime.  I headed down to the barn to ride after lunch when we had warmed up to sweatshirt weather.

Jackson was busy eating lunch and didn't even look up.  Look at all that mud-

  Of course, the donkeys saw me coming.  They don't miss a trick.

Tuffy came to investigate, with Finessa following close behind.

The camera fascinated Tuffy.
Jackson finally realized I was standing at the fence and looked over.  At least his face was clean.

Kalvin is always hopeful that he is going to be ridden.  I think it must be hard for him, a PSG Swedish WB, to watch the Paints get ridden.  Paints for Pete's sake!  Take me!!  Please!
I told him that his owner will be up this weekend and gave him a kiss on the nose.  He likes sleeping in the mud.  Can you tell?

Jackson finally came over to see what I was up to.

While I was taking pictures, Brett came down to get Flash. 
Flash: "ha ha, Dad gave me a cookie and man does it taste good."  Jackson: C'mon Dad, isn't there another cookie for me?"

I woke up Passage in the feed room.  I swear ever since I got her this bed she just lays around all day.

Then we rode.  Warm up around the block, then review in the arena.  Jackson was in a forward, happy and affectionate mood.  He so loves our rides.  It took forever to tack him up between the mud removal and the kisses.  He did really well with his trot leg yields and was connecting nicely from his back through my hands at canter (eventually).  I decided to try a shallow counter canter loop which he has not yet been able to do.  Today.... drum roll... he did it!  And he stayed balanced the whole time.  We ended on that note and as I turned to Brett to tell him what an awesome boy Jackson was, my eyes started leaking big time.  This was huge for Jackson who has been described by a vet as being a potato chip -- pretty tweaky.  He couldn't even walk in a straight line when I bought him and now he's counter cantering. 

So, I iced his legs and put my favorite new tail bag on his just scrubbed tail. 
Then I gave him an apple.  Lo and behold, Passage had managed to haul her kitty butt out of bed.

Now, its back down to the barn to feed and muck.  Then yoga.  Then dinner with my awesome husband (he complained that I say my horse is awesome but he couldn't remember me ever using the word to describe him).  And he is, of course, very awesome.  That's why I married him!


  1. Wow. Congratulations on your counter canter!!

  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome day too.

  3. Congratulations! Isn't it sublime when the training clicks ans suddenly something that was so hard becomes easy? That's a sign of good training.

  4. It sounds like Jackson has come a long way since you first got him. Congratulations on the counter canter. He's a handsome (awesome) guy.

    The donkeys are adorable too. I feel sorry for Kalvin I hope his owner comes to ride him soon.

  5. Wow... two left hooves to counter canter, you need to pat yourself on the back, truly.
    I showed my eldest daughter your home page picture, on the beach, and she just made this little moaning noise; she adores horses. She had her first 'galop' this summer at the school she attended in the Dordogne, very exciting. My heavens, they are so super strict here in France about levels!
    I'm from California, so, I'll California Dreamin' while you consider Côtes d'Armor!
    Kind regards and bisouxxx Kitty


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