Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Small Stones #6

Concentrating on my breath in yoga
is like herding cats.
Someone is hacking and sneezing.
Must be a man.
No woman would make such loud wet noises.
breathe, breathe,
Popcorn when I get home?
or cookies...
breathe, breathe, slow, even,
I wonder if Jackson's muscles feel like this when I ride,
stretched, open, a bit sore.
Shoot!  Did it again...
breathe, breathe


  1. I like to see humor in poetry! If I did yoga, I'm pretty sure I'd be thinking of cookies when I get home, too!

  2. Ha ha! That monkey mind or wandering mind is why I never succeeded in reaching Nirvana through meditation.

  3. Lol!
    I was hypnotized to quit smoking years ago, and all I could think of during my sessions was how hungry I was and which restaurant I wanted to go to when it was over. Miraculously I quit smoking quite easily anyway by this method, after decades as a smoker.
    Hope the yoga continues to benefit your riding, even with the stray thoughts. It sounds great.


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