Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trail Ride

This afternoon we finally went on a trail ride.  We woke up to clear skies but a strong, cold, gusty wind that had the horses wound up and us trying to stay warm.  So we waited for things to calm down.  It was still breezy and cool after lunch but the gusts were no longer violent and most of the trail is in a ravine so it's sheltered somewhat.  With all the rain we had in November and December, the trail was washed out in many places and there was all kinds of debris -- fallen limbs, etc.  So, Jackson got good work on obstacles and I tried to do everything from my legs and not touch the reins at all.  We were both pretty successful so even though I was tired and cold when we got back, I'm calling it a good ride.

Jackson trucked right on over all the logs.  Good boy!

Our mountain is popular with skydivers and hang gliders.

Our mountains: scrub oak and chaparral

The crazy obstacle

Brett and Flash went first

Jackson took notes and then we went.  He did it!  Very good boy!

I just love mesquite.

The view from the highest point of our ride.

Jackson likes to eat this stuff.  Nasty prickly bushy thing-


  1. Lovely photos - looks like a great ride - I'm jealous!

  2. Much envy here! What an amazing view from the highest point. Green, vegetation - no snow!. Those crazy trees look like quite a twisted mess to walk horses through! Good for you and your horses for doing that.

  3. Great ride! I enjoyed going along.

  4. Thanks for taking us with - looks like a fun ride :)

  5. Thats some view!....Enjoyed the ride.

  6. Looks like you had a lovely ride!

  7. What an amazing obstacle. We've got lots of stuff down on our trails too but nothing twisted like that.

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous place to ride! We've just got our flat, cold land right now. Looks like I need to plan on taking a road trip with the horses some day :) That looks like such a neat trail!

  9. Nice photos. You really got way up there.


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