Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Small Stone for March 1st

I am participating in an e-course this month on writing as spiritual practice.  It started yesterday and I may, from time to time, post a small stone that comes out of that journey.  Like today.

Dull hedgerow greens and muddy oranges
of rough wool and smooth cotton
basketweave the background.

Soft periwinkle silk
ribbon roses
add accent and interest.

My life stitched together.
Roles and interests
sharing canvas holes.


  1. I love journaling. Love May Sarton, Annie Dillard and "Bird By Bird" by Anne Lamott. Haven't kept a journal (or kept UP with one) for far too long. Your blog is inspiring me to write, cook, and get back and involved with the horse -- and not necessarily in that order ;o) Thank you.

  2. I love this and the way the line "my life stitched together" brings it all together.


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