Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend I was cruising around the blogasphere and found a recipe for bread dough that you keep in your refrigerator and then use for pizza, rolls, bread - whatever.  It looked easy and sounded perfect for those days when there isn't time for rising and waiting.  I decided to try it.  Yesterday I whipped up a batch of dough (a five minute endeavor) plus two hours rising, then into the refrigerator.  The recipe is here at Our Piece of Country Paradise

Tonight I decided to use the dough to make pizza for dinner.   It worked GREAT!!  I don't usually cook on work nights but this was on the table within an hour of me walking in the door.

This is what the dough looks like when you pull it from the fridge.  I store mine in a tupperware with the lid loose.  It was kind of flat when I put it away yesterday but by tonight it was puffy and full of bubbles.

I pulled out a handful and stretched it into a ball, covered it with a piece of plastic wrap sprayed with Pam , and let it rest for 30 minutes.  Meanwhile, I had the oven heating up with the pizza stone inside.

Then I pulled the dough into a sort of pizza shape (hey, its a free form rustic pizza, okay?) and put it on my cornmeal dusted pizza peel.

When I tried to put it in the oven, it wouldn't slide onto the pizza stone.  It stuck.  So I took it out and put it on a piece of parchment paper.  That slid into the oven beautifully. 

The pizza ended up looking VERY rustic after being smushed around to get it on the parchment paper.  But, OMG, it tasted great.  The crust was to die for.  It had nice big airy holes, chewy, and awesome taste.  I highly recommend this recipe!

We had some Italian red wine with dinner.  Brett was gone for four days visiting his daughter in the Seattle area and he just got home today.  This was his "welcome home" dinner so we HAD to have wine.  This past weekend, while he was gone and while I was waiting for the huge storm that never came, I made some gingerbread.  I had an awful craving for it.  Brett had a piece for dessert.
....with just a little whipped cream.  :)

Seriously, I'm very happy to have him home.  It's a lot of work taking care of critters in lousy weather by myself, bringing wood in, and not having anyone to warm up the sheets when I get in bed.  Honestly, that was the worst because we don't heat the bedroom and the sheets were freezing!


  1. This post cracks me up. We love homemade pizza, have gingerbread the same way, a fire is going all the time, and don't like a lot of heat on in our bedroom. And it rained here last night and this morning.....

  2. My OH bakes a really mean Gingerbread! A real Rib sticker!
    Only we have it with unsalted butter on. One other thing, as for the bedroom being cold, I like it that way my OH has to have it at least 120deg!!

  3. Oh, the pizza looks delish!!!

    That's nice that you missed Brett, even the warming up the sheets part :) Sophie, my rat terrier cross, likes to sleep under the covers and is my little "sheet warmer" LOL

  4. I like it when pizza looks rustic like that--then you know it's homemade! Looks delicious. Glad Brett's home again--nothing worse than having to be home alone and doing all the chores in winter!

  5. Was there gingerbread under that whipped cream? I can't remember. It's good to be home. The sheets were warm last night.

  6. refrigerator dough... I'm interested!!!

    And it is nice when they come home... you don't realize how much they keep the sheets warm :) I found out this morning when hubby left for work, my bed cooled off fast :(

  7. PERFETTO, Annette!!!
    This is a real, fantastic truly gorgeous pizza; you know perfectly how to do it and I am convinced the pizza was a great hit and superdelicious; it just looks sooooooo inviting!!

    Oh, we do it just like this too!!!!!!

    I do love indeed the new header.....Jackson and you at the beach; his beautiful portrait and working in the hall....FABULOUS!!!!!!!

    He is a real BEAUTY!!!!!

    Thanks so much for your lovely visits in my Tuscany!!!
    ciao ciao elvira


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