Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When we got home from our weekend getaway, Jackson was walking almost normal.  I attributed his slight gimp to the fact that his hoof was wrapped with so many layers of gauze and tape.  The vet said the wrapping would wear off in 5-7 days.  Today is day 5.  This morning the remnants of the wrapping were flapping around Jackson as he... limped along. 

I peeled off the bits of remaining hoof wrap and soaked his foot while he ate his morning bucket of vitamins and carrots.  Then I checked his clean sole for bruises.  No bruises, no breaks, a little soft and tender but nothing visible.  Dragnammit!

I called the vet.  Continue with bute, continue with soaking, wait.  How long I ask?  My other horses have always burst their abscess within a few days.  She says - could be two weeks.  I had a horse that took 3 months once.   Three months??!!!  It was highly unusual.  But it may take awhile.  Call me in 3 or 4 days. 



  1. oh no! I hate abscesses!! It seems SO wrong to just sit and wait as a horse gimps along but it is usually the answer our vet gives us, isn't it?

    Sending you and Jackson lots of hugs and lots of patience!!

    Welcome back and I hope the mud stops soon!!

  2. there's nothing more frustrating then an abscess. There are more theories then you can wave a carrot at! My horse has had many and I've never been sure that soaking worked or was just superstitious behavior. I won't give bute as the anti-inflammatory will inhibit the abscess from bursting. being out and walking around will definitely help. But that's just my approach. I doubt it will be 3 weeks though. I did have one that was at the coronet band in the front of the hoof (he banged it on either his foot or a rock). it kept reforming and finally cleared when it worked to the back of the heel.

    if it's any consolation they are usually really gimpy right before it breaks. :)

  3. Annette...do you know where the abscess is located? Do you ever put ichthamol (forget the spelling)on after you soak his foot, then wrap it? It is an excellent drawing salve and has worked well for me. I usually soak everyday until it pops.

  4. It is at times like these that I repeat to myself "Patience is a virtue". I have yet to acquire the virtue of patience, but repeating it over and over does distract me for a little while....

    Have you ever used ichthamol? I don't know what it is exactly, but I use it to draw out slivers and things on myself as well as abscesses on horses. Works like a charm! Smells terrible, though.

  5. Hey everyone - thanks for the reminder on that stuff none of us can spell. I have some in the tack room. I completely forgot about it because I haven't had to deal with an abscess in a couple years. I'll dig it out tomorrow morning! Hooray for blogger friends!!!

  6. I'm sorry and know it's frustrating.... Give Jackson a big hug and keep on keeping on. It will break!

  7. Wow that's incredibly frustrating. Hang in there. It won't be much longer.


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