Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plan B

Today I was going to work with Jackson in the arena, confirming and reviewing the stuff we were working on before the February rains hit.  I was going to wash his tail, and do a fecal count, and get some reports done for work.

Instead, I woke up feeling headachey and tired.  I figured it was from not sleeping well (STUPID hot flashes) and I'd be fine once I got going.  Well... it's late afternoon and I'm on the couch under a pile of blankets thinking about chicken soup.  Brett's been busy riding Flash, going to the gym and trimming trees.  I woke up from a nap to find he had lit a fire in the wood stove for me.  I'm envious of his energy in a groggy sort of way.

And I'm annoyed at an annoymous attendee at the French group meeting last Sunday.  WHY do people show up at public functions when they are sick?  She looked awful... pale, glassy eyed, hoarse and was unable to participate in the conversation due to her coma like state.  And of course she sat down right next to me.  She left and went home after half an hour but it seems that her little germies had already made there way over to me.  



  1. Oh how sad...I'm sorry you are sick :( Especially because of the antics of a very irresponsible single human being showing up at a public meeting while sick! I've never understood why people do that!

    Hoping you feel much better tomorrow or soon anyway! Enjoy the fire!

    Sue and the Crew

  2. HOpe you got some chicken soup. Feel better.

  3. Feel better soon, chicken soup cures everything!

  4. Can't stand inconsiderate people who thoughtlessly spread their illnesses. Hope you're back to 100% soon :)

  5. Its always the same, you think and you plan, and then whoosh! You`ve got a cold! I`ve got one too, or whats left. I dont mind having a cold, its all the crap that goes with it!!

  6. Colds are awful--nearly everyone I know is either getting, has or is getting over one, if it isn't actually the flu. Chiming in here about the hot flashes. Have had them for three years off and on, and lately they are INTENSE, which irks me. I have NO idea how to dress and have a fan at work that will probably need a new switch soon (ha). Do feel better. Wash youro hands often and drink lots of liquids. And REST. That's important, too.


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