Monday, March 21, 2011

In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

We got hammered last night with high winds and pelting rain.  2" overnight.  Fortunately, the property held up well and the water has drained off into the culvert for the most part.  The highway down our mountain is closed due to erosion from the storm so I am working at home today.  The storm is supposed to move out today, dropping a few thunderstorms on us as it goes.  It wasn't raining when I fed this morning, it was just cold and blustery.  Flash was doing his imitation of the Lone Ranger - you know, hi-ho Silver and away!  He was rearing and bucking and carrying on.  He hadn't eaten much hay last night but he doesn't seem colic-y either.  I gave him some GastroEase in his bucket this morning.  That should help soothe his tummy.
8:00 am, looking east

Looking west
All morning, and into the afternoon we had rain and temperatures in the 30s.  The downpours alternated between heavy rain, sleet, hail and blowing fog.  At times it looked like it wanted to snow.  The rain would fall slowly, not drift, fall, but very slowly.  And it was dense, difficult to see through the way snow is.  
The sun came out briefly and the barn roof started to steam.

Can you see Jackson standing in the rain?  Go inside silly boy!!

Bits of ice running down the window.

But, it is spring right?  
 Just a week ago, I was riding Jackson after work in a teeshirt.  Today, I'm not moving further than a few feet from the wood stove.  Gotta love March...


  1. That was a nasty storm. We got a lot of snow here in the Sierra. I was watching that cell over southern and central California, because our relatives live down there.

  2. March usually brings us the most unpredictable weather too. Lots of teaser days and then mini winter again. Hope it warms up soon! :)

  3. March for us here is a really odd month! Can go from snow to hot! Rain to hail, gales to nothing!

    So you never quite know what to wear!

  4. I sure hope that weather has blown over. We are probably going to get some snow again. 40, today. Again, you sure have a beautiful property.


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