Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Couple Small Stones

Water cascades over me,
  it's warmth a massage on my aching muscles,
As it washes away
  dirt, dog hair, horse slobber and yoga sweat.


A flash of sapphire between white blossoms.
A bluebird dips and dives between the branches.


  1. Ah, the scents and sights of country living ;o) Very nice.

  2. I love where we are. The countryside has a very calming effect! Eleven years, for us, best thing we ever did.
    I had a career managing various factories. Between the that and being on call everyday of the year!

    Back in 2003, I was making a lot of money!
    But I was never home, then Big G, intervened, I got a warning, and that was it!
    It was a no brainer!

    Either live or die!......The company car went as did the money, but hey!
    I would never ever leave this sylvan scene!

  3. I would love to see sapphire through white blossoms...I'm still seeing last year's grass through snow. :/ Actually, it melted by noon and now it's only last year's grass.

  4. Love them both, but that line--"Slash of sapphire between white blossoms"--that is poetry. What great imagery!

    Have you ever read William Carlos Williams? That line reminded me of his poetry.


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