Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Perseverance is a good thing.  It's good for writing, it's good for riding, it's good for many things.  I'm trying to cultivate perseverance in my writing practice.  
Tonight I was wondering where the line is between perseverance and other things.

For example:

Last night I lay in bed awake, listening to the puppy pant.  It wasn't warm in the room but she is a meatball and some nights she pants.  
I willed her to be quiet and go to sleep.
I willed Brett to get up and put her out.
I willed myself to sleep through it.
I dozed.  I woke to panting.  It had only been 20 minutes since I last checked the clock.
Brett and I were both laying too still.  We were both awake, annoyed by the panting.  We were both faking sleep, hoping the other would put the puppy out.
Two hours later, I got up and put the still panting puppy outside.

So, did Brett persevere or is he just more obstinate than me?


  1. Hey, we did the same thing this morning, but our dog won. She peed in the room. I think the dogs are going to be banished into a room with tile from here on out.


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