Sunday, March 6, 2011

Training Log: Lesson

Saturday Jackson and I had a lesson with our trainer.  Flash was off on his right front (doing okay today) so Brett wasn't able to take a lesson.  He was very disappointed.  I asked him if he would video part of my lesson and he agreed.  I hate taking video myself so I was really pleased.  I charged up the battery and threw the camera in the back seat of the truck.  Brett video taped almost the entire lesson.  What a guy!  I'm surprised he could still hold his arm up at the end.

We worked on confirming Jackson in his trot work.  Gayle (trainer) was very pleased with his forward energy.  He is also traveling straight and using his back.  But, he isn't consistent and every once in awhile decides he is done, throws his head up, and braces.  So, my lesson was all about keeping him consistent and obedient.  We are also working to get him sensitive to my leg.  He needs to respond immediately and he needs to bend his ribcage around my leg when I ask - with my leg.  By the end of the lesson, my leg was about to fall off.  He needs to carry himself without reminders every few strides and I need stronger legs.

Here's a short video with bits from the beginning, middle and end of the lesson.  Huge improvement in my boy!  I'm very pleased.  He has come so far...


  1. Thanks for sharing that video. I love to watch lessons, and would have stayed for the full-length version. You both progressed, and it was fun to see.

  2. Looks good. Your posting was great. The cameraman did a fantastic job.

  3. I love watching video too. Great job - it got better throughout. And great job on the videoing :)

  4. He looked like he was floating at times :-) but oh how my own leg muscles ached in sympathy and my legs are so much shorter than yours I think!


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