Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Stills, TNC: Canine Companions

Sedona (rescue) loves the snow...  naptime Sedona style

Sedona with the kids a few years ago

I just love her to bits.  I think its mutual.

Kersey (yellow lab) arrived last fall. 


  1. Very nice, I have always had some type of Retriever or Labrador, they are reliable dogs and friendly.

  2. Aww they are both so adorable! I love the look on Kersey's expression in the one with whatever that is she's dragging. :)

  3. love their faces. Sedona has found a great home! The pup looks like he loves fun!

  4. A Sedona that loves the snow - should she be named Sno-donna? :) She is lovely and I love the photo of her with the kids. Kersey - well who could resist that puppy "guilt" face!

  5. Love the swamp creature and the snowy nap.

  6. I love Sedona's expression in the woodpile photo. One happy critter.

  7. I love Sedona's smile with the kids...soooo sweet! Had to LOL at the first photo of Kersey...looks like trouble!

  8. MAGNIFICIENT ...!!!
    Soo beautiful your family with the doggies...., big one and baby one...sooo sweet!!!!!We love doing this too!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, Jackson ready for the trial....FABULOUS, what a BEAUTY!!!!!

    ...we do not have trials like this, very interesting!!!

    ciao ciao.....oh, besides...I took a look at your kitchen: sooo beautiful and all wooden...I love it!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira


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