Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kisses and Hugs

Some like kisses, some like hugs, and some just want a massage.

Jackson loves attention but he's not real big on being kissed.  He'd much prefer a good face rub between the eyes, around the ears and on the jaw.  Not by his nose, though. 

Flash, on the other hand, doesn't like anyone fussing with his face.  No scratching, no rubbing.  But he will stretch his nose out to me for a kiss right here --

Kalvin loves to be kissed, loves to be scratched, loves to get in your space.  My favorite place to kiss him is just between his nostril and his lip.  It's velvety soft - he likes it too --

 Tuffy doesn't like being kissed or having his face rubbed.  What he really likes is having his butt rubbed.  There isn't much hair left there because he is forever rubbing against the piece of wood that lets the donkeys into the barn, but keeps the horses out.  It's their safe haven.

Finessa likes you to stand at her shoulder and scratch the opposite wither.  That way, she can lean into you while you scratch.  If you kneel next to her, she will allow you to throw an arm over her neck and give her a kiss on the cheek. 

Passage will come running if she sees you sitting down and jump in your lap.  She was taking a nap in the arena this afternoon.  The sun came out around noon and burned off all the fog.  I'm sure the sand was nice and warm.

And the dogs.... well, they are kind of like the husband.  Hugs, kisses- anytime, anywhere.  (Not that I'm complaining).


  1. Maisie hated to have her nose touched - we called her "nose shy". Otherwise didn't mind rubs and scritches.

    Dawn is a bit standoffish, but when she's happy, she'll do the "nose rest" for as long as you let her - either placing her chin on your shoulder or resting her nose on the front of your coat, sometimes even closing her eyes.

    Pie is completely huggable and also is happy to have kisses and rubs whenever.

  2. Sweet post! I made bread today...French.

  3. Don't you just love kissing their velvet noses and breathing in that sweet horsey scent? Loved this post. You have such adorable animals.

  4. I love your "X"'s to mark the spot! Funny. I think all of my horses love to be kissed, except the pony, who just doesn't know she likes it yet. ;)

  5. and the husband panting says "bow wow".

  6. I love this post it is so cute.

  7. I think it is so funny and sweet that our animals have such different likes and dislikes. I am always shocked when people say "it is just a dog" or "just a horse." No Siree...they are individual and unique and hilarious with all of their quirkie personality traits!

    I think kissing velvety pony muzzles has got the be pne of the most perfect things a person can do in their lifetime :)

    Please send scritches to the whole gang in all of the appropriate places!

  8. Bonjour Annette,

    Aw, lovely post. I love giving my dogs big smooches...oh, and my husband, too! :-) I wish my horse liked getting kissed. He's not too fussy with stuff going on around his face, but I am working on changing that. I would love to be able to kiss his very soft nose.

    Une belle fin-de-semaine!

  9. My stud loves massages! He wil hold his head up high and curls his upper lip! Very funny to look at!

    Thanks for sharing and glad i found you!


  10. All our animals have such unique personalities, don't they? Celine, my senior girl, loves attention, but not too much. She's not wanton, you know! "Enough, already. Leave me alone. Jeez!"

    Luna, on the other hand, loves to rubbed allllll over her body. She stretches way out, so you can rub her belly and scratch her armpits and she even likes to have her paws massaged. Who doesn't, right?

    My favourite spot on a horse is that velvety soft spot right between the nose & the lip.


  11. What a cute post. My ox and goats seem to really like their rumps scratched.

  12. You are so lucky to have all these sweet babies to kiss and hug. I love the "donkey only" escape route into the barn. The donkeys are just the cutest ever!

  13. Give them all a hug, kiss and scratch from me.

    Dusty's not very affectionate but Blue loves the attention. Funny how they're like people, some like to be touched some don't.

  14. They are all so beautiful and I would gladly kiss that nose!! :) Thanks for sharing with FFF!


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