Friday, March 4, 2011

Flower Bed in March

Last year, Brett built me a flower bed with beautiful red brick for my birthday.  I pulled out all the rangy plants, leaving just the rose bushes.  Then I dug in wheel barrows full of compost and installed a drip system.  Well, Brett and I did the drip system together.  He's a whiz at sprinkler lines.  In the fall, I filled it with bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs.  Then I added some ground cover and let it rest for the winter.  The flower bed is starting to come alive and I'm going to post pictures of it each month as the flowers take their turn blooming.  Right now there is still quite a bit of compost between the plants, but it feels like spring.
Here's the whole flower bed.

Some bearded iris are peeking up in the lower left corner. 

The Lamb's Ears made it through the winter and are getting green and fuzzy.

Sweet alyssum, lamb's ears, snap dragons and Dutch iris.

I love, love, love the scent of hyacinth.  Intoxicating.

The first snap dragon bloom.  Hmmmm, I thought I planted shades of pink!

Sweet alyssum.  There is enough blooming that the scent greets you when you walk by.


  1. Just gorgeous...what a great guy:) I look forward to watching it grow!

  2. Thank you Annette for your comment. <3

    That is a beautiful flower bed gift! I love the Alyssum best of all. Isn't it great planting bulbs and having them come up in spring when you are so busy? We still have tons (literally) of frozen snow to melt, but I look forward to the first crocus flowers peeking up through the snow as it melts.

  3. Nice job! I love hyacinth too. Any sweet smelling flower, actually.

  4. What a great landscaper Brett is, and what a great gardener you are. Gorgeous. I'm thirsting for anything green :)

  5. Your garden is beautiful. I can't wait for spring to arrive here so I can start planting our gardens.

  6. You are lucky to have such a flower bed in March. I love the Lamb's ears. They deserve a soft pull every time you walk by! So great.

  7. Lovely! Dont let my wife see it! Or I`ll be in for it!

  8. Wow. I love it. You're so lucky to have things blooming!!! I planted Lamb's Ear for the first time last summer. A friend of mine gave me some. I planted new bulbs last fall, too, so this year is going to be like Christmas to see what comes up out there! Keep posting pictures, it gives me HOPE. Oh, and I love the planters--nice job.


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