Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finessa Gets a Trim

Our farrier, Sage, was up today to do the horses.  Finessa needed a trim as well.  She's such a quiet little lady that she doesn't wear down her feet like Tuffy does.  Sage is a tall guy and Finessa is a short donkey so the poor guy really has to bend over far.  Fortunately, Finessa is well behaved for her trims.

Finessa is very good about wearing her halter.

Sage trimmed her right front first.  Love that rose tattoo on his elbow.  There's a spider web on the other elbow.

Tuffy: If I eat dirt, will you pay attention to me too?

Hmmm.  That didn't work.  What are they doing over there anyway?

Maybe if I close my eyes they will all just disappear.

Yipes!  It's a piece of Finessa's foot! it tasty?

Hey Finessa.  How 'bout I take you for a walk?

Finessa: Would you just bug off.  I'm not in the mood for a snuggle.

Jackson: What's going on in there?  Are you getting treats??

Flash: Excuse me but did you notice that it's lunchtime?  We're starving out here.

Jackson: I think they're ignoring us.

Sage finished up with Finessa...

...and went back to shoeing the horses. 


  1. Very interesting!.....Looks like the donkeys are miniatures? No?

  2. Love having a chance to see the donkeys.

  3. Just wonderful pictures, especially of Finessa. She's adorable.

  4. I want to hug them. What cutie pies they are. Great pictures and captions :)

  5. Cute little donkeys!!! I liked your commentary!

  6. I really enjoyed this.
    Now I am back to campaigning to get myself a couple of those little guys.

  7. Super cute commentary! We need to get our farrier out here soon but the roads have been so muddy. I cannot wait until Spring!

  8. I can't wait until my donkey is that tame. He really needs his hooves trimmed. Great pictures and adorable donkeys. :)

  9. So interesting! I know nothing about donkeys, but I really need to learn about them.


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