Monday, March 28, 2011

So Tired of Mud!

Brett dragged me out of town for the weekend.  Yep, kicking and screaming and asking him to hurry up and pack already so we could get on the road.  My birthday is in a few days and he treated me to a weekend in the California central coast wine country.  We left Friday morning and Thursday Jackson came up lame.  I was in a bit of a panic.  Part of me wanted to get out of dodge and part of me didn't want to leave my horse.  Our vet could tell I was concerned and she wrapped up Jackson's foot (abscess) with all kinds of good strong medications and said he was good for 5-7 days with no further attention from me.  The neighbor watching the horses while we were gone has owned and shown horses forever.  I trust her eyes and those of her mother.  So, I gave Jackson a goodbye kiss - which tasted muddy and hairy - and we headed up the coast.  It was raining when we left home.  It was raining when we arrived at our bed & breakfast.  It rained all weekend.  It was raining when we got home Sunday evening.  I am so DONE with rain. 
If the sun had ever come out, it would have been nice to sit here by the creek.  The B & B was in a beautiful place, right on a creek.

Chores last night and this morning were not fun.  I bought a pair of new muck boots at a farm store we discovered in Paso Robles.  We spent almost as much time there as we did at wineries.  The new super cute boots are now covered in mud.

The chicken pen usually dries out quickly.  Maybe friction from all those chicken feet running around creates heat...  But this time, I stepped into the pen and sunk a few inches.  Even the eggs in the nice clean, dry, hay lined nesting boxes were muddy. 

Jackson had been confined to stall rest in our absence.  He was giving me the "get me out of here" eye.  So, I took him for a walk so he could stretch his legs and I could assess his foot.  My nice calm, level-headed Paint horse had disappeared.  In his place was a high spirited, cabin fever suffering beast.  I thought about getting a stud chain at one point.  Fortunately, he did listen and walk appropriately in terms of not crowding or charging but I could feel his energy vibrating through the lead line and pulsing through his body.  Oh, and he was not lame at all.  No, no, he was ready to dance.  I left the bandage on his foot since it is keeping the hoof clean.  The turnouts behind the stalls are sloppy and the pasture is half covered with a film of water.  The ground just can't seem to absorb anymore moisture. 

This morning I took the blankets off of the horses before leaving for work.  It is supposed to be sunny and warm this afternoon.  Jackson was so nice and clean under his blanket... I know what I'm going to find when I get home and it won't be pretty. 

Did I mention that I am SICK of mud??!


  1. We are now getting to the mud stage, but have not had rain for awhile. Tomorrow, I have to put the horses in my back pasture as it is higher than where they have been going and always seems to level out by summer. Your ground sounds much more saturated than ours. Of course we are still near the 30 degree mark.

    I'm not very good at leaving our horses for any length of time...especially if there is a problem. Know just how you felt.

  2. sounds like Jackson's kisses are the same as mine.

  3. Sorry to hear about Jackson. It happens, our neighbor has left there horses with us, one is lame, and the other is old. Her husband has contracted Meningitis, so not to good. Time will tell. get any good wine?

  4. Cheyenne - Oh, yes, we brought home a trunk full of great wine!

  5. Poor Jackson. I'm glad he's feeling better. I know how you feel about the rain. I get so sick of it in the spring. I hope you had fun anyway. :)

  6. Glad you got out of town for a weekend. Happy Birthday when it gets here. Rain is bad but at least its not snow. Our mud has started too. I'm so done with miserable weather. Love your boots by the way, too cute.


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