Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Good Day

I can't say that I enjoy getting up in the dark to do chores before work, but I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise.

I mean, the MOON was still up!  Way too early...
But I love how the greenhouse is illuminated.  Very cool.

Once I got the chores done, the sun was up and I could tell it was going to be a beautiful warm day.  

Jackson and Kalvin


Finessa and Tuffy

Even with a week of sunny warm weather, the pasture isn't drying out.  I think the water table must be way up.  Every day the sun shines and every day there is more water.

Fortunately, the water is at the low back corner. The rest is dry.
Another nice thing about a warm spring day with the time change -- I was able to hop on Jackson after work and play in the arena a few minutes.  

I love how he has one ear on me and the other on Brett with the camera.

Happy horse.  Happy me.  Good day.


  1. I'm a sunrise person too. Great shots. Looks like you had a very beautiful day...and there you are in a T shirt! I have forgotten what that feels like. You have some happy looking critters and a beautiful setup.

  2. I love all the pictures, but especially the first and last.

  3. Gorgeous sunrise. Glad I wasn't up to see it :-P

  4. How come you don't have an ear on me like Jackson does?

  5. I have to admire your place, looks really cool, right now I`m wrapped up in two layers of fleece and the stove is belting out heat for all its worth!
    Havent seen a decent sunrise since last Autumn.
    So your photos are an inspiration!

    I think maybe Ill download one, enlarge it, and stick it on my bedroom window! That way I might get a sunrise!!!Lol

  6. Look at all that sunshine! It looks lovely! All your horses/donkeys are very pretty as is your farm.

  7. I agree getting up that early would not be fun, but I am sooooo happy about getting home and it still being daylight out! Very pretty pictures.


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