Monday, March 14, 2011

Kersey Takes The Plunge

Kersey, being a lab, loves water.  Camille and I take her for walks to the community pond and she joyfully charges into the water, swims around for a bit, and then comes out shaking like mad.  At home, she stuck to the very top step of the pool.  When she was itty bitty she fell off the top step and she got it in her head that she couldn't reach the bottom.  She would stand on the top step, lay on the top step, but not leave the top step.

Saturday, Brett's sister came by to visit and meet Kersey.  It was a beautiful spring day and we sat out by the pool with some wine and let the dogs run around.  Kersey FINALLY figured out that she could not only touch on the second step, she could swim all over the pool.   Short video documenting said accomplishment (turn up the volume).


  1. Kersey looks tentative! Almost wanting to, but not wanting to! Are`nt dogs fun??

  2. Great video. She looks so happy :)

  3. Kersey is just too cute. I'm glad she finally got over her fear and jumped in. Now you'll never get her out of the pool. What a sweetie.

    I love labs, my best dog ever was a black lab.He used to jump in the lake and not be able to figure out how to get back, my son usually wound up going to get him.


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