Friday, March 11, 2011

Playing in the Dirt

Today is beautiful, warm, with clear blue skies and it definitely feels like spring.  So, I went outside to play.

The first California poppy is blooming.  Soon, they will be everywhere.
And I found these grape hyacinth hiding by the lilac bush.
The Santa Rosa plum tree is taking its turn blooming.  These plums remind me of my childhood - and they make awesome jam.

But, the real focus of my time outside was to pot up my tomato plants.  They are ready to move out of the nursery into preschool.  

They have full sets of real leaves.  Time to move on up!

I went down to the compost piles and got a bucket full of black gold.
Here they are, following commencement ceremonies.  They're kind of tired by all the festivities.  Once they get a taste of the compost laced potting mix, they'll perk right up.
I gave the rest of the compost to the chickens.  Worms!  Feeding frenzy!!
We have quite an eclectic mix of chickens.  Here are some of the more recent additions to the flock: two Speckled Sussex, a Rhode Island red, and a golden sex link.  The speckled ones are very friendly, running to greet me and following me around.


  1. I should really get myself together!!

  2. Playing in the dirt is my second favorite activity (playing with my horse is first!). Glad you got to play outside today. I'm still waiting for it to be outside gardening time here in NJ.

    By the way, I started a new blog about my farm life/gardening. I'd love for you to stop by, I'm always looking for feedback from fellow enthusiasts!

  3. I am so jealous. We are still about two months away from planting tomatoes in the garden. Those flowers/blossoms are certainly beautiful.

  4. You sure do like to rub it in! We have snow again...

  5. Like Teresa im sooooooo jealous!!!

    i really can't wait untill it is spring and i can play and ride outside again

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful pictures! The tomatoes look wonderful-wow. We have a good month before we can start planting-probably 5 to 6 weeks. Great dirt! I know those chickens were in heaven :)
    Thanks for sharing with FFF!

  7. That is a lovely mix of chickens :)


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