Thursday, March 10, 2011

Small Stone for March 10th

Across the road there are thousands of daffodils.
Broad brush strokes of egg yolk yellow and sinking sun orange.
Streaming beside the creek,
Nodding under the oaks,
Spilling across the field.


  1. You are a great poet I love this. B

  2. Hello Welcome to my blog. I am glad you enjoy my photos. I know I mentioned I love your poem but I have been reading more of them they are lovely. B Thank you.

  3. Love the images--I want to be there!

  4. If you have never been, plan a trip to Daffodil Hill in northern California--near Sutter Creek. Mid March through April, the blooms are absolutely breathtaking. Your "small stone" brings back such pleasant memories for me.

  5. I want to see all that yellow. How about a picture to go with those beautiful words!!!


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