Sunday, March 13, 2011

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

Well, not quite.  I ordered a rhubarb root and some bareroot strawberry plants and they arrived this weekend.   Sunday morning I got busy in the garden.

Rhubarb root - the little nubs/buds go at the soil line.
We had another beautiful spring day.  Too warm to work in a sweatshirt. 

First I had to move my sage plant since it was where I wanted to put the rhubarb.  Sage grows like a weed here so I put in by the fence.  

I put the rhubarb in one of the planter boxes.  The nubs are poking out behind the parsley.

Then it was back down to the barn for another load of compost.  I used one wheelbarrow full for each planter box.

I dug the compost into the soil and grabbed the package of strawberries.

The third raised bed is out of control.  It's full of left-overs: poppies, potatoes, tulips, lilies and who-knows-what-else.  The tomatoes will go here in a month or so.

I know I need to clean it out but I keep finding treasures like this tulip.

I finished up with one of my guilty pleasures.  I hardly ever drink soda but once in awhile after working in the garden, I have an A&W rootbeer.  I used to share it with Auke, the horse I had before Jackson.  He would drink a whole can if I let him.  He'd tilt his head to the side, open his mouth and I'd just pour it in.  

After lunch Brett worked on a project that he'll probably blog about at some point.  We rode the horses around the ranch for an hour or so since it was such a nice day.  They worked hard yesterday so today it was western tack and just moseying along.  

For dinner we had chicken and hashed browns stuffed with brie and asparagus.  Oh, and a couple glasses of sauvignon blanc from New Zealand.   


  1. Sounds like a great day. My garden has gone from dead to out of control in about a week. I love it.

  2. My first horse loved Fanta orange soda. He'd "drink" it the same way, tilting his head to the side and licking as I poured it. Afterward he'd be sporting what looked like a pale coral lipstick. Thanks for the memory.

    I love "treasures" like your tulip. Here in the Mojave Desert, there are few such treasurer just "out and about" but every so often there are these lovely yellow "buttercup-like" flowers that grow wild along the side of the highway. A happy surprise in the midst of the rather stark chaparral.

  3. I love your planter boxes and walkways. I have to admit that I did save one of your pictures to my idea file--I hope it's ok. We have a ton of bricks left from the two chimneys that were in the middle of this old house, so I'm thinking that making a walkway through the backyard like the one you have might be just the thing! :)

    I had a horse that loved strawberry Shasta--he'd grab the can, tilt his head back and chug the whole thing. I haven't had a horse that liked soda since LOL.

    The tulip is beautiful, and if you're not careful, you're going to have people showing up at your door for dinner soon. me! :)

  4. Annette... We are on the same wave length...I swear. We have an enormous garden of rhubarb and several rows of strawberries. Rhubarb (straight) is my very favorite pie. I make it with a crumbly top...sometimes I just do rhubarb and the topping with no crust (rhubarb Betty. Our weather is different everyday, but winter is starting to fade out. We have seen grass more and more, and our garlic is over 4 inches high. It sounds like you are feeling better. I have been reading Brett's blog off and on. He is doing such a good job with it! Send me some warmth! By the way, a great looking dinner.

  5. Great looking garden! Nice to have the weather to do it!

  6. Your garden is looking great. I have not even started still a little cool here.
    I like the story about your Root beer horse. It is funny you mentioned AW Rootbeer I never drink pop but had a cold one with a Teenburger on Sat. just for a treat out it was nice.
    Your supper looks good. mmm.


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