Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jackson Enjoys the Snow

Tuesday morning dawned very cold but beautiful.  There was an inch or so of snow remaining on the ground and a lot of ice.  I grabbed my camera  and headed down to the barn with Brett to do chores.

This is what the daffodils looked like just a few days ago:

We got a half inch of rain in addition to the snow, so the arena will be sloppy.  The weather is staying cold through the end of the week so it won't be usable for awhile.

The sun was just coming up over the ridge and the horses and donkeys were all feeling good in the cold, fresh morning air.

Even Jackson was poking his head out of his stall in a happy, interested way.  I hadn't seen his eyes this bright in weeks.  I let him out to walk around while I mucked.  He immediately went down to say hello to Kalvin and then rolled in the mud.  He was looking good, walking normal -- I think the cold must have felt good on his feet.

...and then he happily went back into his stall for breakfast. 


  1. You have to compliment Mother Nature! She does a cool job!

  2. aww. good for jackson. loved your pup and the donkey faces!

  3. That's quite a picture of the frost on the flowers. I can't believe the amount you have blooming! Love it!! I'm glad Jackson was feeling good--whatever the reason!

  4. :) That video of Jackson was adorable.

  5. Great shots today : ) I wanted to give the dog and the donkey a big kiss.

  6. Way to go Jackson. Would he and Kalvin be good together?

  7. Jackson looks a happy boy today.Good energy for all.

  8. Glad to see Jackson looking so good.
    He's so sweet.

    We got some snow too. I hope it didn't damage your beautiful flowers.

  9. we are currently being hit with a big snow storm so your sprinkling of snow is cute. :)
    that's the Canadian perspective anyway. However, I am starting to work on plans to steal your donkey. I want him in the worst way.

  10. Amazing photos! The one of the dog and donkey are absolutely beautiful.

    I'm glad Jackson enjoyed his snow day. I loved the video. Silly boy!


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