Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Barn Tour: The Exterior

I am very curious about barns.  I love exploring them and I love seeing how other people organize theirs, etc.  I am going to do a series of posts about our barn and I'm hoping a whole bunch of you will do the same. 

Standing to the north of the barn, looking at the front

Looking down the barn aisle.  Four stalls to the right.  Tack, feed, bathroom and work area to the left.
We'll go into the barn in a future post.  Today we are going to walk around the perimeter.  Starting at the front, we have two tie rails; one on each side of the center aisle and under the overhang.  This is where the farrier, the dentist and the vet work on the horses.  I typically use the rail to the right and Brett uses the one to the left.  No reason other than habit.  Next to my tie rail (on the right) is the wash rack.  When we built, we put up the barn first and lived halfway in a travel trailer and halfway in the barn while the house was being built.  Our shower became the faucet for the wash racks so we have nice warm water -- and a shower head -- as a result.

Turning back around and walking past Brett's tie rail to the east side of the barn is the rabbit area, hay shed, trailer parking, tractor parking, and a storage shed.

We buy in the neighborhood of 30 bales of orchard hay each month. 

This was our first hay shed, back when we had just 2 horses.  Now it is used for storage.

It holds shavings, wood pellets, rabbit & chicken food, boxes of extra tack and garden tools.

Looking north from the back corner of the barn towards the house. 
As you turn back around and make the corner to the south (back) side of the barn, the compost piles are on the left framing the corner.  We have four bins.  We dump the horse manure here and Brett turns it into the next bin every few months.  By the time it reaches the fourth, and final, bin I have black gold for the garden. 

Each stall has a run-out and they reach from the west side of the barn to the pasture.  


  1. Fabulous, thank you! I loooooooooove seeing everyone's barns too, so I hope other bloggers pick up this idea and run with it :) Looks like you have a great set up. How much time do your horses spend in the stalls/runs?

  2. Its gorgeous! I don't have a barn....just a couple rough built shed rooms, and a enclosed run in... Nothing to share pics of..:/

  3. Your place it's just gorgeous! Very well organize.Congratulations.

  4. I love how organized you have everything. I have to confess that when I was building I look through your posts to get an idea of how your barn is laid out :). You may find that mine is somewhat similar- although for a colder climate. I didn't do a blog post but here's a link- you can also see the house reno there. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bambe1964/sets/72157624859810506/

  5. Really awesome place Annette. I know it doesn't come without hard work to get it there and keep it there. I was wondering if you still had rabbits. You must show us sometime. We will be getting bunnies in March.

  6. I LOVE barn tours. What a fantastic place you have! So organized and clean!!

  7. A well thought out set up. I can't imagine having hot water and a wash rack. I will do a post of our barns soon. Thanks for starting this. Can't wait to see what's out there.

  8. Our barn layout is very similar. 4 stalls on the right, tack room, bathroom, wash stall, work area on the left. of course ours is surrounded by snow, and yours by greenery...

  9. What a beautiful barn...I won't be putting mine up but I could look at yours all day.

  10. Nice. I love barn tours. Yours is very well organized. I've been planning to put brick in our breezeway since our barn was built, but still haven't gotten around to it. We've had so many other things to do around our house that the barn was largely put off. Hoping we can do some things to it this Summer.

  11. Loving the barn tour!!
    I need a new barn...mine is just far to old but it does its job I guess..
    Someday I will have a nice new barn just for horses and sheep :) and retire ours as a hay and straw barn.

  12. I too am curious about barns, and loved seeing yours!

  13. I love your compost area. Awesome! You whole barn is awesome. I don't have one. Just a three sided shed basically. I wish I had a barn. It's going to be so fun to see yours. Thanks for sharing.


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