Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jackson Update and Snow

At noon, Jackson was standing in his stall.  He was interested in his lunch hay and looked a bit perkier.  He was still not moving around much -- all his manure was piled in one spot, right where he was standing.  And, he was still shifting his weight back and forth.  Shortly after lunch, it started raining.  The temperature was hovering around 40F so it wasn't a pleasant rain.

Brett was home and awake (he worked all last night, getting home this morning after chore time) so he went with me to the barn for evening chores.  Jackson was standing and his manure was closer to the door to his run-out so I knew he was moving a bit better.  He wasn't shifting as much either.  I gave him more bute and tucked him in for the night. 

Meanwhile, it started to snow.  Snow -- even wet heavy snow -- was an improvement over freezing rain.

Dr. Thacher, our vet, thinks that Jackson played too hard yesterday and loaded his hind end, causing a flare up of his laminitis.  I am to continue the bute until he is comfortable.  I have my fingers crossed that he pulls out of this episode quickly and completely.  I'm not ready to say goodbye.

The snow kept coming down, thicker and drier, and sticking to the ground.  We had a winter evening kind of dinner. 
Cinnamon bread on the right. 

Salad with red leaf lettuce, strawberries, goat cheese and slivered almonds.

Curried butternut squash soup -- full of cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses.... yum

...and the snow kept coming down.  It is supposed to be finished and outta here by midnight.


  1. I was worried about Jackson! Your dinner consists of my favourite foods! the breads, the salad, the soup! mmmmmhmmm! :)

  2. Poor old boy. I'll cross every available body part for him.

    Dinner looks delish!!!

  3. Pleased to hear Jackson is improving, slowly but surely! Well done Jackson.

  4. Glad to hear that Jackson has improved a little.
    I could easily confuse your dinners with ours. Gorgeous! Except, I don't know how to make good you have a simple recipe for me?
    As for the snow, do you get very much there, over the course of winter?

  5. I'm glad Jackson is feeling better and hope it is just that he played too hard and maybe the change in the weather too! I am totally coming to YOUR house for a dinner like that. YUMMO!

  6. Glad Jackson if better.
    Love the snow fall picture.

  7. What a lovely photos with all the snow!!!! Best wishes for Jackson,poor boy...

  8. I am glad that Jackson is better.

    You eat so well. I am hungry now!

  9. Wow! How do you stay so thin when you eat like you do?? I think I gained 5 pounds looking at your pictures!

    I'm sorry Jackson is going through this right now. Hoping he gets better so you can have more time with him!!

  10. I'm so very glad Jackson is doing a bit better. Hang in there, Jackson.

    That curry butternut squash soup sounds delicious. Is it from a recipe, or do you just make it as you go?

  11. You write your daily doings with love and concern. Keeping Jackson in my thoughts. And thank you for the Versatile blogger badge! xoxo


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