Friday, February 17, 2012

Is it Spring or Winter??

February is the month that spring arrives in Southern California.  It is also the month when we receive the most rain.  We don't get very much snow up here.  Even though we are on a mountain, we have the Pacific Ocean just to the west moderating things and the desert is to the east.  When it does snow, once or twice a year, it most often happens in February or March.  Although it tends to be a dusting or maybe an inch, once every five years or so we get a foot or more.  The spring snow wrecks havoc with my orchard.  I have NEVER gotten any apricots from my tree.  The tree blooms early, and then it gets nailed by a hard freeze.  We have hard freezes continuing into May sometimes.  April for sure. 

On Wednesday, we got our first (and maybe only) snow of the season.  It had switched to rain when we went to bed so I expected to find only sloppy mud in the morning.  But, it must have switched back to snow for a bit during the night because we woke to patches of snow here and there. 

The sun was out -- and the snow was completely gone by noon.  Today, we have another warm clear day so hopefully the arena will dry enough to be usable this weekend.

Jackson is improving.... I think.  It's one step forward, one step back with him.  Yesterday morning, he was in so much pain that he didn't even want to eat his bucket of sweet feed, vitamins and bute.  Brett said he ventured out of his stall into the run out and stood in the sun for awhile.  This morning, he was back in the stall and doing the lift one foot, then the other, thing.  But his eyes were bright and he ate his bucket with gusto.  He also nuzzled me constantly while I was mucking all the dirty straw out of the stall and replacing it with clean (a twice a day job right now since he won't/can't walk outside).  It's slow, but his feet do seem to be settling down.  Phew!  I am so not ready to say goodbye to that horse.


  1. So glad Jackson is feeling better. Your Spring is so pretty with all the buds popping out.

  2. Is there any place in this country that has had a normal winter? Sure hope Jackson is pulling out of this last go round...sweet boy.

  3. the blossoms against the snow is kind of messed up, isn't it? you get freezes much later into the season than we do here in texas. ours USUALLY end by march. but even so, it usually kills a lot of early blooms and growth.

  4. I don't think there could be a more beautiful picture than cherry blossoms and snow. Adding Brett and a cute dog makes for a memorable shot. That's a keeper!
    I loved reading the answers to your 11 questions. I had no idea the sacrifices you made while building your gorgeous property. In my mind it arrived in your life in full, glorious being! :)

  5. That weather must be fabulous!
    Best of luck to Jackson.

  6. I too loved getting to know you better in the previous post. :)

    Would there be any benefit to wrapping Jackson's affected feet with those flexible gel ice packs? I only ask because a friend's horse is a chronic laminitic who is suffering especially this winter. The farrier recommended keeping the feet cool - helps with inflammation...

  7. Your photos and words are lovely as always. We have had no snow at all this winter! But tonight they are promising 2-4 inches...I have already cleared my garden beds for spring. I love the photo with Brett and Kersey. xo


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