Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Barn Tour: Feed Room

The barn feed room is at the far end of the barn aisle, on the left, across from Flash's stall.  The door faces into Brett's work area which is an open section off the middle of the aisle.  The calendar is actually facing the aisle.  Did you notice that it is a barn calendar?

Open the door, and walk in.  Straight ahead of you is some metal shelving and a big plastic storage bin.  The big bin holds extra bags of sweet feed, bran and cat food.  The shelves hold the cat's bed, fecal sample collections supplies, extra TP for the bathroom, extra supplements, cat litter and misc supplies.

...and the cat is still in bed...
Looking to your right is a window that looks out into the aisle.  The window functions as a cat door.  We close it at night because it also functions as a raccoon door and they make an unholy mess of things.  There are bins here as well that hold Kalvin's senior feed and, at times, hay pellets.  Right now, we have a bunch of easy keepers so, except for Kalvin's feed, the bins are empty.

Looking to the left is the refrigerator.  We keep carrots for the horses in here, water bottles for me, soda for Brett and the farrier, and sugar cubes.  In the summer, Brett stocks the freezer with popsicles (for him) and ice cream drumsticks (for me).  Right now it only holds boots for icing the horse's legs should we need to do that.
Next to the refrigerator is the shop vac and a canister of cat food.

This shelf above the shop vac, holds the scale, paper towels and a bucket of baggies.

Okay, I'll admit that on a really hot day I will drink an A&W Rootbeer. 

Turning all the way back around, there is an old work table next to the door.  It has small bins holding sweet feed and vitamins.  Above the table is a white board where I keep track of the various supplements and meds for the horses and donkeys.  Things are pretty uncomplicated at the moment for which I am very thankful!  Each horse has a bucket for his morning mix.  Kalvin's bucket is over by the window, on top of his senior feed.


  1. Very nice! Love the kitty ears peeking out of the bed.

  2. That cat looks very comfy! Neat and organised feed room!

  3. You are totally freakin organized woman!

  4. Awesome feed room!! I'm green with envy lol.

    I just had a thought. Do you feed Jackson sweet feed? Have you checked into insulin resistance as a reason for his laminitis/lameness? Sometimes getting horses completely off of sugar can really help lameness. All I feed is hay, vitamin/mineral supplement or ration balancer (which has no sugar/molasses/etc in it), beet pulp (best to use the kind without molasses), flaxseed and if someone is losing weight I feed whole oats, but since yours are easy keepers I doubt they would need it. It's amazing what taking sugar out of the diet (and balancing their vitamin/minerals) can do for hooves. Anyway, I was just curious. Not trying to preach at you or anything. :)


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