Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snowy Day

Yesterday when I was driving to work, I heard on the news that our "chance of snow" had changed to "blizzard watch."  Yipes.  Brett was still at his daughter's and the Subaru, which has all wheel drive, was at the airport.  I was driving my fun, but not snow worthy, car.  I had a few meetings in the morning and then I packed up some work and headed back home.  I was able to get home and stock the hay cart, muck and add more straw to Jackson's stall before the snow started at 2:30. 

It was wet, thick snow that melted as soon as it landed. 

Brett was due to land at 4:45 and the airport is an hour or two (depending on traffic) away.  He would be driving home during rush hour, in the rain (which Californians do not know how to navigate well) so I knew it would be close to 7:00 before he was home.  I prayed the snow continued to be light and not stick.  I was afraid they would close the Ortega Highway which is the road up to the top of our mountain. 

Brett called at 5:00 and said he was on the ground waiting for the remote parking lot shuttle.  I headed down to the barn to do the evening chores.  The snow was still thick and wet, melting into my jacket and gloves.  The dogs weren't thrilled with accompanying me to the barn.  The goats hadn't left their shed all afternoon and the chickens were all inside their hen house, dry and warm.

Back up at the house, I put the dinner rolls in the oven and started making soup.  Brett got home safely just before 7:00. 

Herbed Monkey Bread (its in your book, Lori)

Potato leek soup with collard greens and bacon

The wet snow continued through the evening, changing to hail periodically.  I had both wood stoves roaring (one at each end of the house: in the great room and in our bedroom) so we were toasty inside the house.  Brett was back home and the animals were all tucked in for the night. 

It was a good day.


  1. Nice wet snow : ) Glad everything went smoothly. Brett would have hated to miss that soup!

  2. Its crazy, I saw on the news it snowed in San Diego. I have never heard of it snowing there before...

  3. glad everyone was safe. the snow was beautiful!

  4. Glad you had a nice day and that all are safe and sound.

    Love the Monkey Bread, the soup is one of my favorites, there's nothing like the heat from a roaring fire....and I wish I lived closer.

    I hope you and Brett enjoy your evening!

  5. ALL was GOOD that night. Enough said.

  6. Soup and homemade rolls on a snowy evening! Perfect!

  7. I am sorry to say that I love these wintery pictures and the soup and rolls just make me wish for weather just like that! I am happy that Brett got back safely into a warm,comfy home with good grub waiting!

  8. Glad Brett made it home safely!

    Your soup made me hungry lol. :)


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