Thursday, February 9, 2012

Barn Tour: The Stalls and Aisle

As I mentioned before, stalls are to the right and work rooms to the left. 

The barn aisle is paved with bricks Brett found on clearance.  I love the open ceiling showing all the trusses.  Our barn is very open and airy, with great circulation.  In a mild climate like ours, you can have lots of ventilation without freezing to death.  It stays nice and cool inside during the summer, too.

The horses's each have their own stall and the miniature donkeys share one.  In order as you walk along:

Inside the stalls, we have automatic waterers  We love these because there isn't a float that they can play with (and destroy).

Brett finished the stalls with tongue-in-groove siding and we installed stall mats.  If one of the horses is on stall rest, we will bed with straw but generally they are just in for a short time (eat and run) so we don't put anything down.

The stalls each open out the back to a run-out area.  This allows them to stand in the rain if they want.
Brett's work area is halfway down the barn on the left.  We also have a couch for collapsing on hot days and a blanket rack/fence.

The muck rakes and broom are hung across from Flash's stall on the feed room wall.

Across from Jackson's stall (and close to the tie rails) are the dressage whips, an uncomfortable bench, and a wine barrel table.  

Even though this post is about the aisle, I'm going to include a very important and popular room.  The bathroom.  When the farrier or vet - or almost anyone - arrives they make a beeline for the bathroom.  It's not fancy; just a toilet, a pedestal sink and a small cabinet for extra soap and cleaning supplies.


  1. your barn is great, but that bathroom is fabulous!!! wish i had plumbing in our barn!

  2. i cannot help it - and since you've been to europe maybe you've seen the bathroom signs. that show men sitting down to pee? it's true, men in germany are taught to sit down to urinate unless there is no toilet, and which they exercise their freedom in public. but as a rule, where there's a toilet, the men sit. for #1 and #2. germans are fastidious beings.

    (you can google this if you haven't actually run into those little bathroom signs reminding men to sit. but i'm almost positive you've seen them yourself.)

    i found one of these little signs and put it on the wall of my bathroom in seattle and my family was appalled! (mostly by the detailed drawing of the man peeing, parts and fluids showing.)

  3. Dear Anette,stable is very comfortable,clean and well organize.Horses must been very happy there.
    Very funny the bathroom sign :)

  4. Love it, especially the bathroom. How long ago did you completely finish it? Was it a work in progress or did you do it all at once?

  5. Beautiful barn and great bathroom sign!

  6. OK..I'm ready to do my barn post. Your's is very fancy compared to ours.
    I love the stalls and your brick beautiful.

  7. Love the bathroom sign, I need that for my kids!!!!

  8. We have the cold weather version of your barn!

  9. Such a well planned out and well built barn. Thanks for letting us know that bench is uncomfortable. I always think about getting one of those. Love the name plaques.

  10. Just lovely. I like the ventilation, the couch, and the bathroom. Who wouldn't? Arriving at the barn and realizing that you have to pee is not cool.

  11. If I had known about this blog I would have power washed the stalls and taken the "tractor pads" off the wood seat. Little advance warning next time dear.

    Thank you,
    The Barn Manager, (housekeeper)

  12. Hi Annette!

    I have read both this and the first "tour"! But wasnt sure what to say.
    All I can say is......I could live in that barn! I really could!

  13. LOL! My boss has that sign in his bathroom hehe. Too funny.

    Your barn is so awesome!! Having some barn envy over here lol.


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