Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Always A Project

What does this look like to you?

A peaceful herd of horses, patiently waiting for lunch and snoozing in the sun?  Wrong.

This is actually a horde of termites.  Equine termintes.  They've been chewing away on the fence surrounding/protecting the pond.

Brett is getting tired of nailing up new pieces of wood every time they chew through a piece.  The other day, they finished off a couple cross pieces leaving a nice hole in the fence -- and the pond within reach of their hard hooves.  Before  we built the fence, Flash and Auke would go wading in the pond.  The neighbors found it entertaining but the holes in the sides of the tank weren't so great.

Brett decided to replace the wood fence with a mixture of vinyl posts and metal cross rails.  That should keep him busy for awhile!


  1. Naughty boys! What do you have in the pond?

  2. yup, work is never done - whether at the barn, house or yard!

  3. Maybe some toys and a few logs of their own to chew on would help??? It would give them something to do.

  4. Michaele asked what is in the pond? The answer is my hammer, nail puller, and wrench. Compliments of Flash who likes to hide my tools from me. Half day project has turned into two full days. Finished photos will follow, (you on that Annette)?

  5. Well, they do look happy and relaxed...We have the vinyl fencing around our property and they don't like to snack on it at all, so that's a plus. You shouldn't have a problem with the vinyl.

  6. Hmm why is it everyone in the southwestern states have termite horses? LOL I just don't hear of wood chewing being that common around here. Good luck keeping them from chewing through the metal lol just kidding!


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