Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Don't Wanna Wear A Blanket

You know how little kids insist they don't need a jacket on cold days?  Well, Winston pulled the same stunt.  He'd been very good about sticking his head through his blanket neck and standing still while I buckled him up.  Last week he changed his mind and started evading the blanket.  The first night, I stood in the middle of his hay and wouldn't let him eat until he had it on.  The next night he was a pill for Brett.  The third night he snaked his head away from me every time I reached up to put it on. 

Last Thursday and Friday were warm days with highs close to 70F.  Thursday night didn't get overly cold -- the low was around 48F.  So, Friday night when Winston said "No ma'am; no blanket for me" I said, "Fine" and put the blanket away.  He's clipped so I knew he'd get a bit cold but I also figured he wasn't going to be unbearably uncomfortable with temps in the mid 40s. 

Friday morning when I checked the temperature on my way to the barn, it said 39F.

Winston was racing around the pasture like a madman.  True confessions:  I laughed.  Poor cold baby.  I did feel kinda bad but mostly I thought "See?  You did need a blanket." 

Last night when I went out to the pasture with his blanket, he stuck his head right on through.  Good thing, there is a storm coming in and the forecast says we will get more snow. 

It did get quite cold last night - below freezing - but Winston was nice and warm.  The roof of the house (which is black) was covered in frost.

Later this morning, I went on a ride around the ranch with one of my neighbors.  She has a very calm bombproof horse so he was great for Winston's first venture out and about.  When Brett and I took the horses out a few weeks ago, we made a beeline for the trail so his bridle trail experience was limited.  Today, he spent 40 minutes wandering up and down the roads with horses racing in their pastures, cars passing us, and dogs barking behind fences.  He was amped at first but settled and I was able to keep him on a long rein the whole time.  When we got back, he didn't want to come in the gate  -- he wanted to keep going.  And my horse who was losing interest in working?  He was happy to see me, happy to leave the pasture, happy to be tacked up and happy to be out  in the big world.  Yes!

Happy to see me. 

"My name's Winston and I can do anything!"


  1. It sounds like he's working himself into your heart, earning every bit of it. (He's working his way into mine.)

  2. sounds like he might just have a fickle streak. :)

  3. Smart boy! Sounds like he's doing really well.

  4. From your descriptions I can tell he's a very fun horse to be around- blanket arguments or no!

  5. Sounds like he's a smart boy. Bet he'll always take the blanket when offered now.

    What a good guy traveling all over the neighborhood without any problems. I have a feeling he's going to be a real treasure.

  6. This past week's pro bono work on a rescued OTTB using cutting edge treatments (by Rood and Riddle) has just hit the "blogsphere." The (legitimate, mainstream) treatments are simply so new, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the information.

    I will add that I am caring for a beloved retiree myself (with his own list of challenges).

  7. I love the name Winston. He is so cute in those pics where he is running to you.

  8. He is such an awesome horse. :D I love his exuberance for everything.


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