Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Barn Tour: Tack Room

The tack room is located across from Jackson's stall, close to the barn overhang and tie rails. 

On the right is the washer and dryer, hampers for dirty pads and rags, and a basket of clean rags.

On top of the dryer, are tins of horse cookies.

Above the washer/dryer are pictures of previous residents.  Tuff Stuff is still around but his name plate was originally shared with Little Lorenzo, a miniature donkey who died suddenly and unexpectedly at six months old.

Straight ahead are more wall of famers -- that's Mr. Mike my first horse in the loose photos.  He was a psycho OTTB -- unlike Strider who was a very safe and sane OTTB.

Brett found this old armoire and we filled it with supplies.

Don't tell Brett that I let Passage into the tack room.  She's not allowed ever since she got locked in a few times.

On the left wall is the saddle racks and western pads.

Basket of polo wraps, etc.

My saddles on the left, Brett's on the right.  Dressage on top, trail underneath.
And lastly, on the wall shared with the door we have the bridle racks, tack boxes and dressage saddle pads.

And that's our barn!


  1. Love the kitty in the pics while you're giving the tour. Looks like a well stocked tack room!

  2. why is the CAT in the tack room?

  3. Beautiful! I love how organized it all is and the pictures are wonderful.

  4. It must be nice to have such a clean space. It helps to have it enclosed! And a washer and dryer! Yee ghads you are spoiled. Lucky ducks.

  5. A washer and dryer! Very nice!

  6. That's no barn. More like a horse studio : ) I give my goats horse treats - is that bad or do you do it too? They like the little spearmint ones. This is one well stocked barn. Love the photos of you and your horses too.

  7. I am aghast! That is Posh! Washer? Dryer? ..........It would be good enough to live in!Lol.

  8. I love it. We haven't finished our tack room yet, so that gave me some ideas. I'm hoping we can turn our attention to the barn this summer. I really like your tribute to past horses.

  9. What a great and practical place. Washer and dryer, a desk, and all the rest. It must really help you to be so well organized.

  10. Gosh, it's so tidy.... I'd be embarrassed to show pictures of mine!


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