Thursday, February 2, 2012

February: What's Growing

Last year, I published a post each month on what was blooming (or not) in my flower bed.  I'm going to expand on that a bit this year to include more of the gardens.  I missed January but that's okay... nothing was growing.

The apricot tree was the first to blossom.  Always. 

Followed within a few days by the peach tree.
Chives in the vegetable/herb garden

Beets and garlic.  ...with some volunteer poppies and tulips popping up as well

California poppies.  I never noticed the red tipped leaves before.  Cool!

The trees are all still dormant.  I'm going to track this sycamore.  It lost most of its central trunk in a big storm last December.

In the house, my Christmas cactus is blooming.  It never blooms for Christmas; it always waits until January and February.


  1. the apricot and peach buds already are awesome!

  2. our last two days have been white..sigh
    beautiful pictures!

  3. Not fair, I want Spring!, :)

  4. 24" of snow predicted here. I think I'm moving to your neighborhood!

  5. Gorgeous photos! Those apricot blooms are beautiful.

  6. Your temperatures must be pretty moderate to have all that activity. Our garlic keeps growing during our weird winter. And you are going to have some serious rhubarb this year. That pie I made was from frozen rhubarb I saved from last summer and it tasted like I just picked it. Yum.

  7. What the heck? I want to move to CA! These are wonderful photos.

  8. Are you familiar with Folia? A friend of mine uses it to track and post about her gardens and flowers and loves it. Apparently a great community.

  9. Very nice. Nothing growing here but the snow drifts.

  10. Everything looks beautiful. We could use some color around here. It's still too cold for anything to pop up.

  11. Oh boy, these sights are months away for us. So pretty.
    I couldn't comment here last time I tried for some reason. I wanted to say how great I think it is that you took WInston for a trail ride. Smart move. I wish I'd taken Rogo out more. You guys are doing so well.


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