Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Worried About Jackson

Last night when I got home from work, Brett told me that Jackson was off on his hind and had trouble navigating from the pasture to the barn.  He couldn't feel any heat or swelling so he figured Jackson tweaked something.  The weather was cold yesterday and the horses were out to play between cold fronts moving through our area.  Brett gave Jackson some bute when he came into the barn. 

This morning, I was down at the barn early.  I could see Jackson laying down in his turnout from the house windows when I got up.  I walked down to the barn and he stayed down.  The dogs ran by his turn out and he still stayed down.  I walked into his stall and he waited for me to come out and see him.  He wasn't getting up.  I fed the rabbits and started making up the morning buckets of vitamins and carrots.  ...still down. 

Rain is supposed to start late this morning, turning to snow in the afternoon and overnight.  I didn't want Jackson laying down outside.  When I brought his bucket into this stall, he stood up and hobbled very slowly to the door between his stall and the run-out.  There is a cement ledge, a few inches high, and he couldn't navigate it to get inside.  I quickly grabbed a handful of cookies and bribed him.  With every step, or half step, forward he got a cookie.  I bedded his stall with straw so hopefully he won't go back outside.

Both hinds are bothering him.  While he was eating his bucket and hay, he alternated lifting one and then the other.  There is no heat or swelling anywhere.  It seems like an abscess -- but both hind feet at the same time?  Or the laminitis flaring up in the back?  I have a call in to the vet so I'll see what her thoughts are.

I finished up the chores and, other than being worried sick about Jackson, enjoyed the morning.  It was cold and cloudy but not windy.

 Kersey had stolen one of Brett's gloves.  She was quite pleased with herself.

She wouldn't give it back.  Some retriever she is...  She loves finding and taking things but doesn't like to give them up.  Her tail is wagging so hard in this photo that it's a blur...

I sat on the couch in the barn and loved on Sedona.  That was too much for Kersey (I knew it would be).  She came right over, jumped on the couch, and traded the glove for a belly rub.


  1. i'm sorry for jackson. i know that if this becomes the 'norm' for him, life will not be worth it. just hate this...

    your dog provided a great lift to this post. :)

  2. Poor Jackson :(

    I hope your vet can shed some light and make him comfortable.

  3. Sorry to hear he's hurting - how strong are his digital pulses?

  4. Keep us all posted about Jackson, sounds like maybe his hip?
    But good luck anyway.

  5. I feel for you and him Annette. I know how worried you are and he must really be hurting. Please let us know what the vet says. Adorable dog photos. You tricky mom!!

  6. Masterpiece had two abscesses at the same fun. I sure hope you get to the bottom of this soon and that Jackson is back on his feet. Did the bute make a difference...are you soaking and wrapping him? Sweet boy.

  7. I feel your pain,my gelding was down on Monday..he went out to pasture with Fancy and I looked out the kitchen window to see him laying down,I knew he was hurting.
    It sounds to me like a abscess brewing in Jackson..HD was lame on his entire right side with only the back being the main problem (abscess)but the pressure on the other leg to hold up his extra weight put him lame in the front as is so hard...Hugs

  8. I'm sorry he's not feeling well. Keep us updated on the old man.

  9. I'm so very sorry. Hugs to you both.

  10. Check out my comment on your last post. Poor Jackson. :( His expression looks so pained. I hope it's just an abscess and that it pops soon. I would really look into investigating his diet if nothing else has helped the lameness. I've read some about him, but I can't really remember the details. I may be just repeating something you've already done. It's just a thought. :)


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