Thursday, March 1, 2012

Going Western

The other day I hand walked Winston a bit on the bridle path by our property, just to get him used to being out there alone.

Saturday, we went western.  I put on my boots and dusted off the trail saddle.

I don't think Winston has ever worn a Western saddle before.  Fortunately, he is the same size as Jackson so my practically brand new trail saddle fits him.  I thought he looked pretty spiffy in his casual wear.

When we started walking over to the mounting block, he wasn't too sure.  The saddle creaks and squeaks a lot -- the way new saddles do.  We walked around in the arena until he got used to the sounds and relaxed.  Then we hit the open road.

Past the bunnies and the hay shed...

...down the back driveway
 and back to the arena.  In the arena we did a bit of work turning on the forehand and leg yielding.  When he had that down, we went back down the driveway to the gate.

Jackson wanted to know what the heck we were doing going back and forth, back and forth, up and down the driveway.

We got the gate open.  It wasn't graceful and involved Winston getting smacked by the gate (he didn't even jump!).

We turned right and followed the property line towards the main entrance and the goats.

The furthest he had been was this corner.  He wasn't sure about going further.

And he wasn't sure about the two goats that were napping on top of the big boulder (gone in this photo).

Yawning, stretching goats resemble bobcats.  At least, that's what Winston told me.  Not that he's ever seen a bobcat.
We continued on to the neighbor's driveway before turning around.  When we got back to our back driveway, I decided to continue on to the corner since he was doing so well.  I was riding on a long rein and he was pretty relaxed.

We were riding into the sun... a photo no-no.  Or maybe we were being blessed by the sunlight. 

We met a neighbor coming back from a ride on one of her horses and chatted for awhile. 

Then it was back up the driveway to home.

I think he earned this.  Don't you?


  1. i believe you've got yourself a good boy!

  2. I'd say that Winston could easily pass for a very classy Western Pony. So handsome in his casual wear. These pictures gave me a much better sense of your property. Love the way it is fenced in so the horses can have grazing opportunities. Like that front gate too. You guys have done a great job!

    Yes, if we lived near each other there would be some serious cooking fests.

  3. Good boy, Winston!
    What a pretty property you have.

  4. I still say you are brave. Brett nowhere around? New saddle? Bobcats and neighbors? I would have been shaking just a little in those boots.

  5. Winston was sure a good choice, and he fits that saddle so well. Quite a long trek for him, he did well, and you must have so much patience to go with him out there, and take your time.He is one lucky man. Cheers from Jean

  6. 6 mile "loop" trail on Saturday, then test day next Saturday: trail obstacles and herding cattle. Not to worry, Flash will take care of him.

  7. He really looks every inch the western horse, with the trail saddle and his appy markings.
    It's great to be versatile!

  8. Hi- I live in Colorado and have an Appy. Winston is beautiful and he sounds perfect. I was so excited for you when you chose him! Happy Riding!

  9. What a good Winston! I'm so jealous - green grass and I think those boulders for the goats are the best. Ahh to see the blessed sunshine.

  10. Love your saddle blanket. :D I'm glad you both had fun. Sounds like it was a great day to ride around. Also as you know Winston is gorgeous!!


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