Friday, February 3, 2012

Mama I'm Cold!

This morning the thermometer said it was 41F when I went down to the barn to feed but the wind was gusting away and my ears were frozen and aching before I got halfway there.  Jackson was standing at the bottom of the pasture, in a patch of sunlight, trying to get warm.  I mixed up the horses' morning buckets of vitamins and carrots and let them into the barn to eat.  Except Jackson.  He wouldn't leave his patch of sunlight; carrots be damned.  I walked down to where he was and eventually convinced him to follow me back up.  I felt horrible.  Despite his thick winter coat and bubba fat, he was cold.  He doesn't move around much anymore and so I'm sure that contributes to his inability to stay warm.  And I know that when I'm in pain or not feeling 100%, I feel cold. 

At lunch time, the temperature was up to 50F but that dang wind was still gusting.  Jackson was doing better, but still not happy.

I have no idea what they are looking at, all perky eared.  Maybe I had a bad hair day.
The wind finally died down around 3:00.  I dug out Jackson's blanket and then gave him a thorough grooming.  He needed it.  Get a load of these spots, Abbe.

It was a bit of a trick getting him out of the pasture.  This guy kept trying to stick his head in the halter hung over my shoulder. 
Take me.  Take me pleeeeze!  
I groomed Jackson and then let him graze on the grass and dandelions growing on the slope.  I know grass isn't the best thing for a horse with laminitis but Jackon's not ever going to be cured and his days are numbered.  I'm all about quality of life. 

After Jackson was back in the pasture, I got Winston out.  I didn't have my breeches on as I hadn't planned on working with him.  We had a load of wood delivered and it still needed to be stacked -- I was conserving my energy for that.  But, there was Winston pleading to come out and play.  I set up some jumps in the arena and he free jumped for a bit -- on the longe line so he wouldn't be tempted to hop the fence again.  Afterwards, he got a turn at the grass and dandelions and then I introduced him to crossing over a bridge.  He wasn't too sure at first -- he pawed it a few times -- but then went calmly over.  Such a good boy.

By the way, I'm playing with putting my weekly training schedule on my side bar.  Just a snap shot  -- with details when something significant (in my mind) happens.

Jackson was happy to get his blanket on this evening.  Hopefully, he'll be more interested in breakfast than sunshine tomorrow.


  1. The wind can become such a factor. Abbe wants to give Jackson a message..."you can't touch me with a ten foot pole!"

  2. Poor Jackson. I'm sure he's feeling much warmer now. We've had much lower temps and haven't even used blankets this winter. I guess it's all what you're used to. And Jackson is not half as dirty as some of ours. I've got to take some pictures, no one would believe how filthy they can get in a day.

  3. It is so exciting that you can have a training schedule again!

    Nice Weatherbeeta on Jackson. You were right. Those blankets do fit QHs very well. I hope he is a happier boy tomorrow.

  4. It wouldn't occur to me either that a horse with a winter coat could be cold at 41 degrees F. I see what you mean though - not moving around and being in pain affected him. He looks happy and cute in his blanket.

  5. i was like "put a blanket on him, put a blanket on him!" whew! glad you did!

    you have dandelions now, in february? amazing. i cannot imagine it.

    we have had a few weeks, and more to come, of sub zero temps, which means frozen buckets and every 12 hours i replace a frozen solid bucket with a new warm one from the house. it sucks. i hate this.

    i hate that i found my horse shivering the other day because although it was sunny, it was gusting wind and -10C (14F) and two blankets were not enough, he needed to be in his stall which i'd shut. i felt so bad, i stayed with him all evening, he got two mashes and did all his tricks for treats which warmed him up as much as the warm mashes.

    i have never longed for spring until moving to germany. i do not plan on spending the rest of my life here.

  6. Seeing California in February brings back such good memories. I spent nine years in North County San Diego, and compared to February on the East Coast, it was heavenly! I'm glad Jackson is happier with his blankie. I put Silk, who is 23, on Uckele's Equi-base Senior feed a couple of months ago and the transformation is remarkable. I can't recommend it enough. She is out running around like a 5 year old.

  7. Oh Jackson, I'm so sorry, boy. Eat your breakfast. It will help you stay warm.

    Winston, you are a love.

  8. Poor guy--that's sad. I hope it warms up for you so he can eat and be warm, too.

  9. Poor Jackson. I hope he feels better.

    I like the training schedule idea. Mind if I use it?

    I love Winston's face. So cute!!


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