Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All Together Now

When we finished our trail ride Sunday, it was just about noon.  The sun was high and Winston had sweated just enough to be itchy.  As I headed out to put him back in his paddock, I thought that he really deserved to be able to roll in the nice sandy part of the pasture.  So, I put him in the pasture with Jackson and Flash.  Kalvin doesn't play nice so he was safely in the barn.  We moved Kalvin out to the paddock that evening, which is where he lived the first year he was here at Aspen Meadows.  He will stay there until he stops charging Winston.

Flash and Jackson didn't care at all about Winston joining them in the pastrue.  They were probably thinking "Finally!"  Flash was too busy rolling to pay attention to Winston -- who thought rolling looked like an excellent idea.

There's nothing like a good roll after a trail ride.  In response to a couple comments on yesterday's post:  Yes, I am VERY fortunate to have Brett and Flash.  There is no way I would have attempted the trail ride without them.  Flash definitely gave Winston courage and security.  Winston and I led for part of the way back, but when he got insecure Flash marched confidently into the lead and Winston just chugged along after him.  Michaele said she thought I was brave... well, maybe.  If brave means going out and doing something even when you are a bit apprehensive.  I knew Winston has a good brain.  I had experienced a spook on him already.  I kind of knew what to expect but you never know for sure.  I knew the ride would be work -- it will be awhile before it is pure relaxed pleasure.  Trail riding with Brett is my favorite date with him so it is important to me to make sure we are successful.  I don't think there is anything more romantic than being out in the middle of the wilderness, with the love of your life, on horseback.  It just doesn't get any better than that (for me).

After rolling, the horses took up their postions by the feed tubs while Brett brought in the hay.  Winston didn't know where his assigned seat was.  Flash helped explain...
Flash: Your assigned hay bin is which ever one I'm not using

Brett arrived with the hay cart and put out lunch.  Feeding went off without a hitch.  I'm not sure what was so fascinating about Flash's tail but Tuffy sure seemed interested.
The pasture dynamics seem to be well established already.  Winston looked to Flash for leadership and direction on our trail ride.  He's happily accepted that Flash is alpha over him.  It will be interesting to see if Winston and Jackson become pasture buddies.  I hope so.


  1. glad everyone's getting along (well, except for kalvin...)

  2. Love the two donkeys...so cute!

  3. I loved seeing the donkeys, too. So cute. They all seem to be doing real well in the video. In my herd, the geldings always seem to be more accepting of new horses than the mares.



  5. I hope all four horses will learn to get along. It is so natural for them to be together...you will know when it's right. Yes, to trail ride with the love of your life is the best. So happy for you two and your critters.

  6. We can make the date better. Next time I'll bring a bottle of wine, some cheese, and fresh bread, and we can have a trail ride picnic in the meadow off the ridge trail. Very NICE post.

  7. I am glad they are settling in. I like how horses threaten a lot, but very little contact is actually made. The donkeys know their place too don't they. Interesting tail lol

  8. Awesome! I'm glad they are getting along. :D

    A question. Why do Kalvin, Flash and the donkeys not have their own page? I don't really know Kalvin's story at all and was just curious. :D


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