Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wincing Along

This morning we woke to high winds which continued most of the day.  The wind was warm, but not hot, and although we almost got blown over the ridge, our morning ride was comfortable. 

In the afternoon, I rested and Brett took Flash out for an easy trail ride.  Flash did great.

Me, not so much.  This blasted lumbar sprain hurts like heck.  I'm trying to limit the amount of pain medication I take because I hate feeling loopy and sleeping all the time.  But, I think I was too aggressive in the weaning department. 

This evening, the Couples Bootcamp started with a wine pairing dinner.  I hadn't taken a pain pill since the morning and I had a hard time sitting through the dinner -- and had zero appetite for the wonderful food. 

I am planning to ride Winston in the arena tomorrow morning before the Couples' ride up to the lake for the day -- but I may revise that plan.  I'm not sure I can manage a ride on Winston and a ride up to the lake. 

Here's a picture Camille took of me on Winston on the ride where I came off.  I think she took this picture after the second time I came off.  Kyle is behind me on one of the ranch horses. 

I'm going "ouch, ouch, ouch" and Winston is going "can we go back now?" 


  1. Nice click ... have a great day :-)

  2. no appetite for food? now we're getting serious!

  3. Less riding more pain pills - listen to your body miss, you don't want to be out of commission as long as the foot thing! That's an order (from your virtual Mom - haha). But do enjoy your time there!

  4. Just the words 'lumbar sprain' sound painful. Ouch!

  5. What a shame to be hurting on your trip. Bummer.


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